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5 Most Sustainable Cities in Canada

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Eco-friendly or green travel has become very popular lately, mainly because climate change became more of a reality, therefore people are beginning to reconsider the ways in which they travel. Canada is a leader in sustainable development, inclusive urban planning and reduction of pollutant emissions. It’s natural beauty and sustainable cities are perfect for vacation to be a platform for positive change. So it’s definitely one of the best destinations to visit and from the UK it’s also very easy as there are great flights from the UK to Canada.

5 Most Sustainable Cities in Canada

5 Canadian cities that are the best sustainable destination 


Canada’s capital city joined the Geotourism Charter (National Geographic Society has 13 geotourism principles for governments and tourism operators) and to meet the requirements they have implemented major changes to make the city greener. These changes include eco-friendly metro cars, it has become Canada‚Äôs most bike-friendly city and green buildings. In fact Montreal’s houses emit the least amount of CO2 compared to the rest of the country (thanks to the hydro electricity they use). And there’s lots eco-tourist things to do within the city. And if you like it that much that you decide to move there, check out to hire a van for the move.

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The biggest Canadian city is aiming to be he most sustainable city in North America. They have launched Toronto’s Climate Change Action Plan, and their plan is to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 80% by 2050. Another initiative that the city started is the Toronto Green Standard which seeks to promote green buildings and sustainable landscapes. Toronto has a great recycling program too that makes helps their waste-reduction efforts.

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The city is working hard on promoting urban sustainability. They have launched a Greenest City action plan and their aim is no smaller than to become the greenest city in the world by the year 2020! They have hit two-thirds of the targets, over 50% of all local trips are now made by transit, bike or on foot. They made significant changes in trash reduction and cutting solid waste landfill. Also, all new building projects will be carbon neutral from 2020.

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Being one of the cleanest cities in the world, and the cleanest city in Canada (by the way, it also ranks as the 5th most liveable city on the planet), Calgary’s emphasis on water waste and their effective sewage system is remarkable. The city has more than 7,500 hectares of public green spaces and parks. It boasts of a wind-powered light rail transit (LRT) and the largest urban park in Canada.

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Edmonton has been named as Canada’s most sustainable city in 2018, due to the city’s environmental footprint, economic security, infrastructure, and social well-being. Thanks to the use of street cars, light rails, being a bike-friendly city and wastewater recycling. 

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