5 Practical Gadgets for a Pet-Friendly Home

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more people are adopting new pets than ever before. It is vital that pet owners provide a pet-friendly home for their new friends to thrive in. You are probably already besotted with your new companion and have plans to spoil it rotten already. However, when it comes to safety and comfort in the home, some things can be easily overlooked.  Here are five practical gadgets to help you look after your new pet and make it feel right at home. 

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Automatic Entrance

Make your new fur-baby feel welcome at home with a personalised entrance. At evoproducts.com, you can get an automatic pet door system fitted to your sliding glass door. This gives your pet the autonomy to let themselves in and out of the home while keeping your home secure. The system is designed to smoothly and seamlessly open doors to reduce startling your pet and is activated with a wireless sensor. This means that only your pet will be allowed access to the home.

Smart Detectors

A smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector is the ultimate preventative gadget that can keep your pet safe. When installed, the detector will monitor your home and send notifications directly to your phone if any sign of smoke is detected. This allows you to rest easy when you leave your pet home alone.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This may seem like an indulgent product, but it is actually an efficient way to ensure you keep your home and your feline friend’s space hygienic at all times. A self-cleaning litter box is ideal for those with a busy schedule and those who are a little forgetful too. It eliminates the need to do the daily scoop, which means that you can spend your time on other worthwhile activities instead.

Pet Feeder

No matter how organised you are, unexpected events occur all the time. Whether you suddenly get caught in traffic or you’re required to work overtime, making sure your pet is suitably well fed should be a priority. You may be tempted to leave excess food out for your pet, but this could cause the food to become stale. Providing your pet with excessive amounts of food can also encourage your pet to overeat, which in turn could lead to bloating or other serious health problems. An automatic pet feeder is an ideal solution. They can be programmed to dispense food at different times of the day to ensure your furry friend stays healthy and fed whether you are present or not. Having said that, you always want to be well stocked on your oet friends favourite food, like canned rabbit feed for your bunny.

Smart Water Bowl

A constant supply of fresh water is a must for your pet, but unfortunately, a lot of owners don’t have the time to swap the water bowl as often as they should. To ensure your pet gets their daily supply of fresh water, a smart water bowl is the way to go. This gadget automatically supplies your pet with filtered water. Smart bowls are a great way to encourage round-the-clock hydration.

If you’re going to get a pet or you want to make your home more suitable for your furry friend, try these above practical gadgets.

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