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5 Quick, Easy and Ecofriendly Ways to Update Your Garden

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We all love our gardens but sometimes it’s hard to get everything done we wanted. With our busy life – especially if you have family, house and garden chores are being sent back to the bottom of the to-do-lists. We only have 24 hours a day when we really need at least 30! So even if you have time to make nice plans for your home and garden, it takes time to get things done. But not to worry. With my tips, you can quickly give your garden a summer make over – so let’s get those barbecues, garden swing chairs and paddling pools ready. Summer here we come!

5 Quick, Easy and Ecofriendly Ways to Update Your Garden

Get the paint out

It’s one of the most effective updates: paint and fix the tired-looking fences and old sheds (maybe it’s a good idea to use preservatives too), window frames – generally anything that screams for a bit of a care. It give your garden a cleaner, polished look. Instead of throwing bits away, let’s see if you can upgrade them. Go for a bold, bright colour, that screams summer. But if you personally prefer pastels, then stick to them. 

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Get a summerhouse

Talking about sheds… why not upgrade to a summerhouse? Summerhouses can be a great place to read a book, relax and entertain guests. But, you may want to do that all year round! They can also serve as playroom or garden office. They offer a stylish and elegant addition to your garden no matter if you chose a modern or a more traditional look. Apart from this, they also increase the total property value – in case you’re planning to sell.

Add some colour

There’s two way to achieve this: using colourful plants and adding colourful accessories. Now is the time: summer bulbs, such as alliums, agapanthus and cannas, should be planted in spring, when the soil is beginning to warm up. So pick your favourites, mix the colours or add certain colours to certain corners of your garden. Bees also like colourful flowers, so by planting bee-friendly flowers you help them to survive. Get some matching coloured pots, revive your old pots by painting them (recycle or upcycle some) and voila –  you have a beautiful colourful garden.


Light it up

Entertaining al fresco, just for your own delight or even safety reasons: garden lights serve many purpose. You can transform you garden into magical space with some imaginative illumination like string fairy lights, colourful lanterns or tea lights in jam jars. Choose solar lights when you can – they save a lot of energy and more eco-friendly.

Use water feature

The sound of water is incredibly calming, a little solar powered water fountain or water cascade look incredibly elegant and totally zen at the same time. Any other water feature is a good idea if you have the space: like little ponds and they are good for the immediate wildlife too.

bird water fountain


  1. I would love a water feature. Our garden is taken over by children. I’m a childminder so the space is used mostly for them. I have got a jacuzzi recently though so have a little area for me.

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