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5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Industrial Interior Design

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I love mixing interior styles, especially old and new things, love a bit of eclectic style! My absolute favourites are late art deco, bauhaus and industrial interior design. The latter can actually incorporate a lot of other styles – and that’s what I like about it. I do like to mix minimalism with eclectic design – I don’t like to much clutter. Single and large statement pieces are made for me. A colourful, vintage sofa, wooden works, large, vintage posters are all my favourites.

Industrial interior design has been around for a while, initially really took off in the 1970’s. Once labelled as ugly, warehouse look became popular. Then the revival arrived about 20 years ago, which is the modern version of industrial interior design. It is mainly an urban trend, as old, industrial properties, factories on the outskirts of the town were converted into living spaces, like loft apartments, flats and office spaces. Lately it became very popular and lots of newly designed home and public interiors feature industrial decor elements.

What are the elements of the industrial interior design?

Exposing raw elements like brick walls, wooden floors, unfinished-look, grey cement walls, metal pipe works or other mechanical details. It also uses old industrial objects as an out of character design element by repurposing them.

There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with this decor but I’ve collected my five favourites.

5 Reasons To Fall In Live With Industrial Interior Design:

1. It’s essentially recycling. Isn’t it? Think about all the metal and pipe work which can be saved, repurposed and decorated differently. Or the beautiful wooden works.

2. You can mix and match styles. Lots of elements of the industrial interior design goes well with shabby chic, minimalist, retro, or indeed even bauhaus and art deco pieces.

3. It’s a trend which has been around for decades. Only that we have to note the differences between industrial interior design and modern industrial interior design. Here’s a helpful guide which talks you through the differences: How to achieve a modern, industrial interior design look

4. It doesn’t cost the earth. You can pick up lovely and unique things from charity shops, backyard sales and flea markets.

5. You can mix up antiques and new objects. As long as there are not too many and decoration details kept to the minimum old and new live happily together.

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