5 Reasons To Get Outside And Be More Active As A Family

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As a family we often use our weekends to get out as much as possible since weekdays are hectic enough and after school – especially in autumn and winter – there’s not much daylight left. But the best part of the year and on the. weekends we make sure that we spend lots of time outside. This involves nature walks, mini hikes, going cycling or scooting.

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Connect with nature – raise an environmentalist

This is an important point: without getting out and experiencing nature, there is no other way to teach. the children the importance of looking after the natural environment. They will feel connected, boosted with positive experience and energy after spending time in nature. We can all remember for this from our own childhood: building dens, hiding treasures and all the fun times. It’s so much easier to talk about the important environmental issues, facts and teach them to respect nature when they can actually visualise. smell, feel nature surrounding them. There is so much nature can teach us.

Walking cost nothing

Being outside cost very little money, especially if you compare that to an family entry ticket to Legoland. for example. If you have are lucky to have National Trust or other nature reserves nearby, or nice park, seaside – any bit of nature, just getting out there, having a picnic, going for a walk or a run – costs nothing or very little. 

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Get a bike, help to develop new skills

We picked cycling up during the first lockdown in 2020 and Bobcat just have learned it then, Luckily he picked it up in a matter of a half an hour (literally) and after two – three weeks he was able to cycle on the main cycle path and on roads with us. This gave him an incredible boost of confidence: being able to pick up a new skill quickly, one that he enjoys showed him that learning new things leads to lots of fun and ever since he was willing to try other new things as well. Cycling an important skill to learn as a child anyway, just like swimming. You just can’t go without. 

Good for your health

It improves your mood, reduces feelings of stress or anger, it helps you take time out and feel more relaxed, improves your confidence and self-esteem it helps you be more active thus improve your physical health. Getting outside has a positive effect on mental health and exercising outside is even better for you. Regular walking and outdoor exercise modify your nervous system so much that you’ll experience a decrease in anger and hostility. These are also very important for children too, not only for adults.

women on bicycle bike

Getting fresh air is not just a saying

Did you know that indoor air pollution far worse than outdoor air pollution? Indoor pollutants are normally 2 to 5 (and up to 100) times higher than outdoor pollutants. So getting outside (and regularly airing indoor spaces, so open the windows more often!) is very important for your health, it’s definitely not just about getting some fresh air, but much more!

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