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5 Reasons to Switch to Ecofriendly Electric Bikes

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Living on the boarder of a big city means we commute to town and often spend our weekends on the countryside. We have a car – but hardly use it: we travel by train to London, use foldable bikes, tube, bus even the DLR. There’s no need to use a car in London and frankly, it’s near impossible too. Nevertheless, we are trying to be live more environmentally friendly, so use the car only when we must. We should eventually get an electric car too. We spend most of our weekends outdoors: day outs, big walks, popping down to the seaside, the Surrey Hills or the forests nearby. 

Small electric vehicles: bikes or tricycles from Jorvik are not only very useful for both kind of lifestyle but they are also better for the environment.

5 Reasons to Switch to Ecofriendly Electric Bikes

Here’s why:

Gets us more mobile without the emission

I prefer to do whatever shopping I need to do in small shops and markets, lately, I am trying to avoid ordering from supermarkets as much as possible. Yes, they are convenient, but the plastic packaging I receive with my shopping is unsustainable. These small electric vehicles can help to get this done quicker than anything else, even faster than driving. Plus the tricycles have a good size baskets to take the shopping.

They are a perfect alternative to city cars

In a lot of cities using a car is not only complicated but also very bad for the environment. Parking problems, traffic, air pollution, car break ins, just to mention a few issues. The UK has just recently recorded the first ever two weeks of electricity generation. Which means charging your electric vehicles is getting greener! 

jorvik tricycle

They use better batteries that last longer

The electric bikes and trikes have removable lithium-ion batteries. Unlike old-style batteries, lithium-ion batteries are low maintenance and should last around 10 years or 2,000 recharge cycles.

No sound pollution either

Electric bicycles do not emit any kind of sound so, no case of sound pollution. Especially great when riding these in the nature, so you won’t disturb the wildlife.

Healthier you, too

It’s a form of exercise of course so they are definitely good for your overall fitness. However, with electric bikes you have the option of switching to motor power, so have less-impact on your knees and thighs. 

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