5 Reasons Why A New Boiler Makes Sense

bicycle by radiator in hall

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Today, the vast majority of boilers in UK households are gas condensing combi boilers.

A combi boiler (short for combination boiler) refers to a single heating unit that is able to provide both heating and hot water. Combi boilers are supplied by mains hot water which is heated instantaneously. If you’re considering a new boiler installation then read on.

New condensing gas boilers are emerging as efficient, economic and effective ways of heating up your home in the winter months as opposed to traditional methods. A condensing gas boiler heats up your water instantaneously using condensing technology to make better use of the heat it generates from burning fuels such as gas.

bicycle by radiator in hall

Here’s why you need a new condensing gas boiler:

1. Energy Efficiency

New condensing gas boilers require less energy than their traditional counterparts which means higher economic operational rates and lower energy consumption. You will find newer boilers use less power and therefore save on your gas bills.

According to the Energy Saving Trust:  “Heating accounts for about 55% of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so an efficient boiler makes a big difference.”

2. Flue Gas Heat Recovery System (FGHRS)

Every boiler produces waste flue gases. A FGHRS works by using an additional heat exchanging unit to take advantage of the heat from waste flue gases. The heat which is recovered is used to pre-heat the cold water entering the boiler, which means less energy will be required to warm the water to the required temperature. The most efficient boilers in today’s market are only around 90% efficient so adding a FGHRS to even a new boiler will reap benefits.

3. Installation Costs

Working out the costs of your new boiler installation is not an easy task – each home is different. For example, a small flat will require a smaller boiler. A bigger home with multiple water outlets such as a second bathroom will require a bigger boiler. Installation costs and boiler manufacture prices have come down since the new energy efficient boilers were introduced and boilers can be supplied and fitted starting from around £1,179 including VAT.

4. Maintenance Issues

Older boilers will break down more. Parts will eventually become harder and harder to source and this will leave you without heating and hot water for longer when your boiler breaks down. Manufacturer’s parts aren’t cheap, after all, they don’t have to be – there’s only one place you can buy them from. All new boilers come with at least 2 years parts and labour warranty but most, for example the Worcester Greenstar 25i or 30i come with at least 5 years. The warranty protects you from a boiler breakdown for at least 5 years so you can avoid unexpected costs.

5. Smart Controls

A smart control is a new trend that allows you to control your heating from your mobile phone, tablet, or other device. Smart controls, if used correctly, can save you money in the long run. If you’re thinking about a new boiler upgrade then you should definitely consider having a smart control fitted as part of the installation. Most boiler installation companies fit them as standard but it’s best to ask your installer when enquiring about the best deal on offer. Happy heating!

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