5 Reasons Why Cord-Cutting is a Great Financial Decision


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Cord-cutting is a technological advancement that allows users to access video content via an internet connection. If you are familiar with entertainment streaming services, those are the elements of cord-cutting. You ditch the use of traditional access for entertainment like cable or satellite.

Cord-cutters will tell you that it comes with numerous benefits. However, one of the main merits you will hear almost every cord-cutter talk about regards finances. But what makes cord-cutting an excellent financial decision? Discover five top reasons below.


You can pay only for what you want to watch

Streaming service suppliers understand that viewers are content-specific. You can customize most streaming services to watch the content you want exclusively and pay for that. If you only want to watch the Alabama Crimsom Tide Football games, you will only pay for that and nothing more. This tactic allows many cord-cutters to save money as opposed to if they were using cable. You pay for all the channels with cable TV even if you never watch them.

Services can be rotated

If you are a cord-cutter, you can take advantage of the fact that these services do not bind you under any contracts.

If you want to save money, you can work out a rotation schedule. For example, you can avoid subscribing to several services simultaneously and have only one at a specific time, like monthly. Additionally, the prices of streaming services are relatively competitive, which means that if the costs for a particular platform go up, you can switch to a cheaper one.

You can share costs

Most streaming services can be shared with family and friends. You can take advantage of this and take up a premium plan that allows multiple users. That way, you get to share the costs with whoever you share your account with, and it becomes way cheaper than if you use an account that allows for only one user. Read more about the pros and cons of getting a subscription TV service.

Direct fees and any time cancellation

Many cable users talk about the issue of hidden costs and termination fees applicable for early cancellation. You, therefore, end up paying money that you maybe didn’t plan for.

But with streaming services, you are aware of all the fees upon subscription. Additionally, you can cancel subscriptions for streaming services at any time if you feel it is not meeting your needs accordingly. What’s more, you can resume use whenever it suits you.

The service typically ends when your current billing period ends, even if you cancel early.

You can pay for non-premium or basic subscriptions

Many of us do not like commercials, which is one reason people cut the cord. However, if you can tolerate commercials and ads to save yourself some money, why not? You can pay for the basic streaming subscriptions instead of premium streaming services. The times the commercials are running, you can do something else.

Depending on how you weigh the commercial question and your financial needs, gauge critically if you really want to pay more just to ditch the commercials.

Paying for premium subscriptions is best done if you are comfortable paying for the benefits if they are necessary.

Final thoughts

Cord-cutting requires financial input, just like many other entertainment options. However, it can be an excellent financial decision for users if used accordingly and wisely. It is flexible enough to help you save a great deal of money or pay for entertainment with the funds at your disposal.

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