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5 Reasons Why It’s Never Been Easier To Make The Switch To Electric Cars

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We’re thinking about getting a new family car and we really want to get an electric car. Having travelled to California 2 years ago, we noticed that a lot of our friends there drive a fully electric car. They drive a lot, quite long distances and they spend some time sitting in traffic jams too. Lots of electric car models are perfectly suitable for a family. As a family, we aim at a greener and more ethical lifestyle so that our children will live in a safe and healthy environment when they grow up. So, for anyone who’s thinking about buying an electric car but not fully convinced, I can share our 5 main reasons.

5 Reasons Why It’s Never Been Easier To Make The Switch To Electric Cars

1. Battery lifespan is increasing and charging is getting smarter. As the popularity and demand for EVs quickly increase, suppliers have to keep up too. If you still imagine charging your electric car by plugging it into wall socket, well, forget about it. 

2. The fact, that cars are the main cause of air pollution in towns and cities, the emission of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons are now threatening the health of the urban population is no news. Electric cars emit 50% less greenhouse gas than diesel. In the latest studies researchers calculated the total lifecycle emissions of an electric car, including its manufacture, battery manufacture, and all of its energy consumption. Just look at the new fully electric cars of Audi. When more energy is being generated by renewable energy sources like sun and wind, that figure looks even better.

3. Europe and the UK is catching up with the US: governments bid to ban all petrol and diesel driven vehicles and European carmakers, like Audi are also pledging that all or most of their new models are going hybrid or fully electric within the next decade. Spare parts for the german brand Audi you get at MOTOR-DOCTOR.CO.UK

4. It is becoming more cost effective to drive an electric vehicle than a petrol fuelled car. A survey by Bloomberg New Energy Finance suggested that the total cost of owning an electric vehicle (purchase price and running costs combined) would dip below those of conventional diesel and petrol cars by 2022.

5. Electric vehicles boost the economy. It is really simple: the more electric cars, the less dependence on (mostly foreign) oil. Another reason for this is that lithium is not as critical as oil in the life of a car. The EV industry will provide new jobs even before the petrol and gasoline vehicles are being phased out.

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