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5 Reasons Why To Build A Garden Room

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As long as you have some free space in the garden – and the small garden rooms really are not taking up so much space – you should build one. In fact, they provide you with a very useful and structured indoor space on your property but still separated form the living space of the house. Therefore, even the smallest garden can take one and whatever you use it for, you’ll be thankful you went ahead and got one. Here’s why.

5 Reasons Why To Build A Garden Room

Playroom for the children

Use it as a garden playroom for the children. Keep the house tidy and clutter free. No more bits and pieces of toys in the living room, paint on the walls and play doh squashed into the carpet – move them all to the garden playroom and enjoy a clean and relatively noise free home. As they grow, it can change with them: as push and pull toys and building blocks move out, a couch with a console game can move in, or a track table for trains.

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Move your home office into the garden room

If you’re self-employed, working from home or have a hobby which requires some extra space, a garden room room is a perfect solution to have some peace and quiet to get things done and focus. When needing some out-of-office work done or just a sign-in during half-term whilst “on holiday” at home with the kids – you know you have somewhere to hide.

They add value to the property

We can’t deny, that any modernisation, improvement or extension adds value to the property. This also applies when you are getting a garden room. It adds value to your property, so if you sell it, you might get back as much as 35% of it’s installation price. Worth a thought!

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They usually do not require planning permission

Always check the regulation, but currently, if the garden room is not higher than 2.5m in total, it does not take up more than 50% of your garden area and it’s not intended to be used as living or sleeping accommodation – then you don’t need a planning permission.

They are more environmentally friendly

They are of course, as opposed to bricks. The roofing panels and profiles are produced to form an insulated roof system that is energy-efficient, so it’s better for the environment. Also, the best garden building manufacturers work with sawmills and timber suppliers who are committed to sustainable ethics and make sure that their timber is FSC and PEFC certified.

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