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5 Relatively Inexpensive Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Car 

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No matter whether you have spent your money on an older car, or the latest model, most drivers are keen to ensure they get the best possible performance out of their vehicle. There are many benefits to improved performance when it comes to cars. For example, if your car is running as it should it generally improves fuel consumption and with the price of petrol these days that is a major consideration. There are several things you can do to ensure your car continues to run smoothly which include simple modifications and regular maintenance. So, we thought we would take a look at five of these to give you an idea of the best way to get the maximum performance out of your car or van. 

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Regular Servicing 

Whatever the age, make or model of your vehicle it is crucial that you keep it well maintained if you want to continue to benefit from trouble-free motoring. When you have your car serviced the technicians will perform essential checks on all the most important components such as the brakes, suspension and the engine. Regular servicing will help you identify problems before they escalate and let’s be honest a minor repair is usually much easier on your pocket than a major one. When you have your car serviced regularly you can have peace of mind that your car will continue to perform as well as it can and will not let you down when you most need it. 

New Tyres 

One performance upgrade you could consider especially on older cars is replacing the tyres. Something we often don’t realise is the effect poor quality tyres have on the performance of your car, especially if they are continually losing pressure. When this happens your car becomes less stable in adverse road conditions which can affect the handling and negatively impact the driving experience as well as safety. While better tyres may seem an expense you could do without, however improving the performance of your car could save you money in the long term. 

Upgrade Your Brakes

Braking systems are probably one of the most important parts of any car or van, I mean ineffective braking systems are a recipe for disaster. Now, most people probably don’t give their brakes a second thought until they start to deteriorate. One definite way to improve the performance of any car is to upgrade your braking system with better parts such as new brake callipers or brake pads. Premium quality parts will help reduce stopping distances which in most cases will remove the need for harsh braking, which in turn will automatically increase the lifespan of your brakes, another cost-saving. 

Regular Wheel Alignment 

Wheel alignment is an affordable and simple way to improve the performance of any car. Having your tyres properly aligned will help reduce wear and tear on not only your tyres but can also benefit other car components. Research indicates that better wheel alignment improves fuel efficiency by up to 10% and as well as making steering your car much easier which in turn will make driving your car much more enjoyable. 

Upgrade Your Exhaust 

Fitting a new exhaust will help the performance in several different ways. A new exhaust is thought to improve energy efficiency which in turn will improve that all-important fuel efficiency by as much as 5%. A new exhaust can also boost performance by helping increase the BHP, it does this by getting gases out of the system quickly and replacing them with clean air. When you do this your car will benefit from more power. 

There are lots of ways to upgrade a car, however, the ones listed above are all relatively inexpensive and will allow you to make your car much more efficient without spending a fortune.

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