5 Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Self-Care


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Taking proper care of the body and mind is a solid foundation for happiness. Self-care will mean something slightly different for everyone. Some of us might stick to a paleo diet, while others think veganism is the healthiest way to eat. Having a very active social life makes many people feel positive. Others feel more comfortable with plenty of alone time. Figuring out what works for you is a trial and error process. One thing’s for sure, when you’re so busy with work or children it can sometimes feel like your own self-care takes a back seat! It’s vital to make space for your wellbeing. Here come four simple steps that you can take to supercharge your self-care. 


 Start something new 

Starting up a new hobby is an excellent act of self-care. It’s all about expanding your horizons by expressing yourself in a new way. When you start a new hobby, you gain new skills and feel a sense of achievement. You may also expand your social circles and connections. When you try something new, you’re developing yourself as a person and investing in your wellness. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to try? If not, think of something random! From netball to Spanish classes or rowing; why not surprise yourself? 

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Get creative

Practicing something creative is a great act of self-care to lift your spirits! Some studies have linked the practice of creativity to positive mental health. When we practice creativity, we are nurturing our imaginations and our minds. Perhaps you’ve always fancied creative writing? Or maybe learning to play the guitar? Many people fall into the trap of believing that it’s ‘too late’ to learn, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. When you express yourself creatively, you are allowing yourself to grow beyond the sphere of your job and your social life alone. 

Write a journal 

Journal writing can be a fantastic way to improve your wellness levels. Some people like to use a journal to keep memories; it’s always nice to have keepsakes to look back on. Others like to use a journal to write down their thoughts and feelings. Often it is therapeutic to write down problems and challenges. Writing things down can be an excellent way to cope and let off steam during times of stress. Journals can also be a fantastic way to set goals too. When you write down your goals, you can break them into manageable steps and keep on track. 

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Try the paleo diet

Everyone will have their own diets which make them feel great. The paleo diet has long been praised for its health benefits and the ability to help one to lose weight. The diet is made up of whole foods and means avoiding processed food. Foods like fruits and vegetables, fish, lean meats, lentils, nuts, and seeds are the basis of the paleo diet. 

You’ll find that your energy levels increase and that consequently, you’ll be more likely to exercise. 

The diet can be an excellent self-care option because it’s very nutrient-rich and can improve your skin and sleep too! It’s important to prioritise a good night’s sleep; fatigue could mean that you are more likely to have an accident. Many workplace or driving accidents are caused by fatigue. Companies like The Derrick Law Firm can help if you’ve been in an accident and need representation.

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Charity work

 Charity work helps not just the cause, but it can help you to improve your wellbeing and outlook. Altruism has often been linked to positive mental health. You may be a little unsure about what kind of charity appeals to you? With a little research online, you’ll find something that stands out. Helping others allows us to gain an increased appreciation of our own lives too. Whether it’s assisting Amnesty or Cancer Research UK; there are plenty of volunteer opportunities out there. 

It’s not always easy to put your self-care first, but with the right attitude and outlook, you can achieve great things! When we are stuck in a rut, it can be hard to get out of it. The best thing to do is to break the habits that wreak havoc on your self-care. From smoking to drinking, lack of exercise or lack of sleep. Whatever your problem may be, breaking a bad habit or two can supercharge your self-care! With a few adjustments you’ll have a brand new healthy routine in no time at all. 

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