5 Simple Ways to Update your Restaurants Décor

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The hospitality industry has undergone many changes over the last few years. A consequence of this is that trends and styles are continually evolving. Contrary to popular opinion changing the ambience of your restaurant does not have to cost the earth. Updating your décor does not necessarily mean taking on a major renovation project. By making a small number of specific but inexpensive alterations you can give your restaurant a completely new look and feel. Here at 5 easy ways to revamp the décor in your restaurant.

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1 Go for a New Colour Scheme

A fresh paint job is one of the easiest ways to change the feel of any hospitality space. By changing the colours of your walls you can provide your customers with an entirely different dining experience. Painting can be a quick DIY project and is relatively inexpensive. When repainting your restaurant try and ensure you choose a colour that complements your concept or brand. If you don’t want to redecorate your whole dining space try adding an accent wall to give your restaurant a fresh modern look.

2 Hang Artwork on Your Walls

By hanging a selection of artwork on your walls you can give your restaurant a contemporary and artistic feel. To do this you don’t need expensive paintings, items such as photographs, prints or 3D art can be just as effective. Another good idea is to collaborate with the local art community and use paintings from local artists. The paintings can be offered for sale to your customers. By doing this you get attractive artwork for your restaurant while promoting the work of the local art community. In the case of restaurants offering ethnic cuisine, using photographs of historic landmarks or landscapes of the region is an excellent way to provide a sense of authenticity.

3 The Creative Use of Light

Making even a subtle change to the lighting in your restaurant can make an enormous difference to the ambience you create. Increasing the amount of light you allow in will give your restaurant a bright and welcoming feel, while more subdued lighting promotes an intimate and romantic vibe. There are lots of ways to regulate the amount of light in your dining space. Things such as lamps,  recessed lights and candles can help give your restaurant that cosy romantic feel.

An excellent way to control the natural light is by fitting restaurant blinds. This allows you the flexibility to make your restaurant feel bright and spacious during the day and relaxed and familiar in the evening. To take this one step further you could install logo printed restaurant blinds in your premises. Not only will they allow you to regulate light but also act as an excellent marketing tool for your business.

4 Remove Your Tablecloths

For many years elegant tablecloths were an important part of the fine dining experience. However, recently a lot of restaurants have discarded their tablecloths in favour of more rustic bare wooden tables. This is in line with the minimalistic aesthetic that is so popular on social media. Tablecloths can be expensive to maintain as they continually need to be laundered or replaced. The use of cloth napkins and table mats can give that same feel at a fraction of the cost. Table mats are also useful for keeping your tables from becoming marked or stained.

5 Add Some Plants to Your Dining Area

When used properly plants and greenery can enhance the look of any room. Try to avoid using real plants as they can prove costly to maintain and could possibly have a negative effect on customers with any kind of allergy. Another problem associated with the use of real plants is that any fragrance they give off could interfere with the aroma of your food. However, if you are intent on using real plants Cacti and Succulents tend to be the best option as they are odourless and take little maintenance. Alternatively there are a host of fake plants with a very realistic appearance.

The things listed above are just a few of the ways you can improve the look of your restaurant without the cost and expense of a refurbishment project.

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