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5 Space Maximising Storage Solution Ideas for Bedrooms

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Functionality and beauty can go hand in hand very well when it comes to storage solution ideas in your bedroom. Sure enough, this is a space in your home where you retire to relax, sleep and recharge so it has to be clutter free. Most people find that seeing clutter is really holding them back to be able to relax. In fact, most people find it annoying and even anxiety inducing. Even in a small home, it’s the best to keep at least your bedroom as clutter free as possible so you can get your well deserved rest. 

But then of course after all the decluttering and putting away is done – you still have things you want to keep but might not enough space for them. So in this post, I explore space maximising storage solution ideas that will help you to keep your bedroom clutter free!

5 Space Maximising Storage Solution Ideas for Bedrooms

1 Fitted wardrobe tailored to your space and needs

This number one option probably requires some money to be invested but it all worth it, because in the end you get your wardrobe perfectly tailored to your needs, maximising all the usable space you have, nothing gets wasted. Also, because you only have to get it done once. Fitted bedroom wardrobes made with top quality materials and fitted by professionals will stand the test of time and you will be able to use them for decades. Therefore it is worth investing in one.

2 Under the bed storage

If you have that 30-odd cm gap – utilise it! There are smart, rolling storage boxes available made from wood or wicker, even plastic. Great place to pack up the opposite season’s bedding, clothing. Ski or beach stuff – hide it there till the next season and swap things around when the next season arrives. Even if you have less space under your bed you can still slide things underneath that you don’t use that often or you can get those vacuum bags. But if you don’t have space under your bed – you might want to check out options for overbed storage solutions. Visit the site of Urban Wardrobes they are able to design the overbed fitted storage to meet with all your requirements.

3 Storage ottoman

Traditionally at the bottom of the bed, you often have an ottoman or a bench if space allows. They give a very elegant look to the room. In which case, why not make it useful? Ottomans with storage boxes are great and can take a lot! They still look great and can sit on them but at the same time you can use them to store bedding, slippers, winter blankets or kids’ toys.

4 Under window bench storage

Another classic storage maximising opportunity, if your home has this feature, again – might as well use it. You can get either a built-in storage box or a bench and under the bench you can use nice wooden crates or fabric/wicker boxes – whichever compliments your bedrooms’ design better. 

5 Large multifunctional basket

I left this as the last point but if any room, the bedroom can do with one of this. Basically, you just use it to chuck all things in there to sort out later or for permanent home of books you’re currently reading, extra blankets, etc. Can be very useful to hide clutter you don’t want to deal at the very minute, but also don’t want to look at it. A clever cheat if you ask me!

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