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5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Family Dog

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Getting a family dog can be a great experience for all family members to enjoy and before you know it, your canine companion can become a very valued and loving addition to your household. However, while having a dog can be a fun, rewarding, and enjoyable experience, you need to take your commitment as dog owners very seriously. You need to be prepared and aware of everything that is expected of you, as you are responsible for ensuring that your dog is safe and well looked after. Therefore, getting a family dog is not a decision that you should rush into, and instead, you should make sure that all family members are aware of their role in taking care of the family pet. So, we have put together this guide of five things that you need to know before you go ahead with getting a family dog so that you can focus on providing a loving home for your new canine family member.

dog in box

A Dog is For Life

Even though having a dog can sometimes be time-consuming, you need to be aware that a dog is for life, and you can’t just get fed up of caring for your dog once it is in your care. Having a dog is a lot like having a small baby to look after, as your dog needs you for food and safety and is unable to communicate its needs to you. Therefore, getting a dog is a lifelong commitment and you will likely make deep and meaningful bonds with your dog. A change in ownership of a dog can be very confusing and traumatic and should only occur in extreme circumstances, so once you get a dog you should be prepared to care for it for the rest of its life. 

You Need Insurance

It is important that you get dog insurance for your dog so that you are covered for any unexpected costs that might occur from vet check-ups or any health conditions that your dog may suffer from. Some dog owners may disregard the need for insurance, but it is a great way to ensure that you are covered. As long as there are no pre-existing condition exclusions, having dog insurance will help reassure you that there never comes a time where you can’t afford to get your dog the medical treatment it requires. You can get dog insurance at Everypaw, where you can choose pet insurance to suit your needs and your budget. Dog insurance can give you peace of mind that your dog is always protected.

A Good Vet is Essential

Your dog will need a good quality vet that it visits on a regular basis. You shouldn’t wait until your dog seems to have symptoms of an illness or health condition before taking them for a vet appointment and instead, regular check-ups are the best way to maintain a happy and healthy dog. Sometimes dogs don’t like going to see the vet, but the more often they go, the more they will get used to it. So, it is crucial that you keep up to date on their medical checks and don’t miss any appointments. Your veterinary practice is not only a place for your dog to get checked; it is also the perfect environment for you to ask questions and sometimes buy products that they have on sale.

House Training

Every dog needs to be trained, otherwise, you will find that getting your dog to obey even the simplest of instructions is impossible. If you get a family dog that is a puppy then you should be prepared to house train them, as they won’t be aware that they should do their business outside in the garden, rather in the house. Try not to get frustrated with your dog during the house-training process, as they don’t yet understand. But by being firm and patient you can ensure you end up with a well-behaved and obedient dog that clearly understands the rules.

You’ll Be a Dentist

If you do decide to get a family dog, then you should brush up on your dental skills, as being a dog owner means being your dog’s very own personal dentist. As your dog can’t brush their own teeth, it is important that you do it for them to prevent any dental problems or diseases. You can get the correct toothbrush and toothpaste from your vets and should brush your dog’s teeth around four times a week.

Getting a family dog is not a decision that you should consider lightly and if you can dedicate your time, money, and love into a dog long-term, then a canine companion could be the perfect addition to your loving family home.

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