5 Tips for an Eco Friendly Bali Holiday

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We all love to travel, but the traditional travel industry puts a lot of pressure on any given destination both culturally and environmentally. But we can change simple things to make our journeys more eco friendly. Being an environmentally conscious traveller means we make simple choices in order to lessen our negative impact on a given destination. It’s not that hard at all which is good news plus all the small changes really help to make difference.

In this post, I will share some tips how to explore the beautiful island of Bali on an environmentally friendly way.

5 Tips for an Eco Friendly Bali Holiday


Statistics have revealed, that these days, nearly 2/3 of the travellers want to choose eco-friendly accommodation. Renting villas and houses in Bali is a better option than staying in hotels as the owners service and maintain their properties by using quality local services. For example, instead of sending the laundry off in a big truck to get it cleaned (like hotels do) they do it locally. But that’s not all. You can choose ethical travel companies, that plant a tree for every reservation confirmed. Truly responsible travel businesses will put the needs of the local people and environment first.

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Bali beaches and waters are great for diving, but unfortunately the marine ecosystems face increased pressures from tourism related pollution, over fishing and also exploitative recreational activities. Luckily, governmental and non-governmental initiatives and a number of dive schools are now working together stop this and protect the reefs from any further erosion. As a tourist, we can be more mindful too. So choosing an eco friendly diving school (particularly the ones cooperating with CTC are recommendable), don’t buy and leave plastic bottles and litter around at the beaches. In fact if you see any, pick it up and put it in the bin! Check out this useful Bali itinerary
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Needless to say, that avoiding international fast food chains is a no brainer and tourist should opt for local food. Traditional Balinese food is delicious every tourist should experience the essence of the island on your plate. Little family warungs are a great way to explore Balinese cuisine but small, healthy and clean eating cafes and restaurants are also popping up everywhere using fresh, local produce. Also, consuming meat and fish has a drastic impact on the island and the animal welfare – so do try vegetarian dishes too. Support the restaurants and local businesses that use a recycling company, use paper straws, sell organic food and products.

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Cycling and bike tours are a great and popular way to explore the island – and it’s a certainly eco friendly way too! The Balinese countryside is renowned for its stunning views, and biking is an opportunity to discover the local sites. However, traffic in the towns can be very thick, so be aware of that.

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Plastic pollution is big battle in Bali, that big, that they had to declare a “garbage emergency.” An estimated 30 million of plastic bottles are being thrown every month in Bali. As you might already have guessed, the biggest chunk of this ends up in the sea. The percentage of plastic that is collected and recycled properly is insignificant, it’s like it’s not happening. (Recycling is NOT the answer!) So, please avoid these as well as plastic bags, plastic food packaging and everything you can.

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Ritchie Dee September 4, 2019 - 9:18 pm

How can you have an eco-friendly holiday that involves flying half way around the world?


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