5 Tips To Make Your Bathroom More Warm And Light In Winter

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Warmth and light. Two things that most of us crave in the colder months, particularly in the place we spend a lot of time hiding from the stormy weather: our homes. In the UK, we do have it easier than Scandinavian countries who in January only get light between 8.47am and 2.55pm and definitely easier than Iceland who get a maximum of 5 hours daylight mid winter, with sunrise starting at 11am in some months. Although Iceland does have the Northern Lights so, I won’t feel too sorry for them.

Still, things are definitely darker and colder here and winter is definitely a time that most of us want to get as much light and warmth in our homes as we can, so at the very least we have a sanctuary to nest in until spring comes back. This is particularly true in the bathroom where such a small space offers a multitude of uses.

5 Tips To Make Your Bathroom More Warm And Light In Winter

If life without cosy fluffy warm towels and lovely winter sunshine glistening through the windows is a life you don’t want to be part of, take a look at these 5 handy tips for welcoming more warmth and light into your bathroom over winter:

1. Clean The Windows And Open The Blinds

It sounds obvious, but getting up in the dark and coming home in the dark, it can be easy to forget there’s such a thing as sunlight at home. Open those bathroom blinds as soon as you get up, and have those windows cleaned. Clear the windowsill if endless plants and accessories block the light. Make the most of the design of your home and let that light and warmth flow in, it could make a huge difference to your bathroom with minimal effort.

2. Get Involved In Rugs

Rugs are something that was in the past often suitable for bigger homes with ornate carpets that need protecting. Or for other countries where colder floors require some underfoot padding. However, they can be an incredible addition to a bathroom in winter, adding underfoot warmth and a splash of style and colour. You can find some amazing rug inspiration in this Pinterest folder.

3. Add Some Heating

Heating can come in many different forms, and it could be worth investing in additional heat sources if your bathroom feels cold. From minor investments like quirky draught excluders to more substantial investments like heated towel racks or underfloor heating, there are many ways to add more warmth to your bathroom. Is it time to invest in better winter warming in your bathroom? Or add a sense of style with a designer radiator.

4. Give Yourself The Gift Of A Personal Spa

A third of people take a bath more than three times a week, and 14% of people have a bath daily. Who doesn’t love a boiling hot bath in winter? If you spend a lot of time in the bathroom in winter, why not invest in the space, making it warm and even spa like? A steel bath could be a great addition as they look stunning and sophisticated but they also retain heat much longer than acrylic baths so you’ll be able to save on hot water top ups. Add to that some expensive bubble bath, fluffy towels and maybe even a waterfall shower and you’ve got yourself a lovely spa bathroom to spend time in when the weather rages outside.

5. Invest In Lots Of Different Kinds Of Lighting

The most natural light you can get into your home, the better. However, the light will disappear for many hours a day, in which case giving yourself lots of lighting choices is a great idea, especially in the bathroom which has multiple uses. In a family home, a bathroom can be a dressing room, a grooming room, a room for hygiene and health, a playroom, a room for relaxation and even a room for recreation if you have a bath TV installed. Fairy lights, dimmer switches, lots of lamps, candles and recessed lights means you get the lighting effects you want and need to set the scene you need at the time. For some cool winter bathroom lighting ideas, take a look at this Pinterest folder.

Create A Warm And Light Bathroom To Relax In This Winter

The winter months bring a lot of darkness and freezing temperatures, but that doesn’t have to spill over into your home. Let the natural light into your bathroom and embrace cheap additions like warm fluffy towels, rugs and candles to make the most of what you already have. If your budget allows, invest in the space with underfloor heating, heated towel racks and various lighting choices, so your bathroom goes from satisfactory to sanctuary, becoming the perfect place to cosy up this winter.

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