5 Top Lazy Gardening Tips – Lovely Garden With Little Effort


Everyone wants a great, lush garden with their favourite plants where they can relax and the children can play. My dad is a garden enthusiast, he has a garden others would die for with a great, decades old walnut tree housing the grandchildren’s swings. With rose bushes, lavender and neatly cut shrubs. He even managed to tucke away a little vegetable garden at the bottom of the garden for himself as my mum doesn’t like the view of them – she only appreciate the flowers and trees. He planted strawberries, raspberries and blackberries for the grandchildren to pick. He adores his garden and spends the whole day out there, no matter the weather. But not everyone can afford all the time he puts into his beautiful garden – indeed, he has already retired so he has all the free time to maintain his garden. 

If you have a garden and you really want to make it look beautiful but don’t have the time to maintain it, I have a few tips for you – straight from my gardening expert dad.

lazy gardening

Eclectic wildflower corner

Dedicate a lovely little corner of your garden to seed wild flowers, without having to re-plant seeds or plants every year. It’s low maintenance, looks very pretty and natural. If you like effortless natural garden beauty – this tip is for you. You can separate  this corner by using rockery stone to make it more garden-like.

Save water – and watering time

A lot of fairly newly cultured vegetables and fruits need lots of lots of water. You can save money, time and energy by planting more draught resistant plants like rhubarb (it’s now very trendy too! Check out my rhubarb puree in this gin recipe: Cranberry – Rhubarb Gin Cocktail Recipe), asparagus (star of every dinner party), eggplant, peppers, artichoke, beans and cantaloupe. Check for the exact variety though.

Gardener service

On a long term, if you want to enjoy a beautiful looking garden, you can always check for quote and find the best gardening service for yourself both in price and quality. It will definitely save the headache and all the effort for you.

Choose low-maintenance plants

This is a crucial point if you really want to save time on disliked gardening jobs, let it be seeding, digging or composting. Berries, potatoes, leafy greens or flowers like cosmos, daylily and yarrow are all low-maintenance plants to use.

Invest in prevention

Mowing high for example is one of them. Set your mower on a high setting, so you can reduce water and fertiliser usage. Also, the higher grass will protect the weeds that come up in your lawn. Or plant in bigger drifts. Plants don’t like other types right next to them. Bigger drifts means that a type of plant will get a larger surface of soil to inhabit and work on and they just love that!


This is a collaborative post.

Images from Unsplash.com 

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