5 Top Tips For Eco Driving


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In every aspect of your life, there are ways in which you can help to reduce your impact on the environment. While the world’s governments and big businesses have a huge burden of responsibility to change their ways, and implement policies that will have lasting, and wide reaching change; we, the consumers can change the way that we make choices about our purchases. 

Here are a few areas that you should consider in order to reduce your own carbon footprint when it comes to getting about. 

5 Top Tips For Eco Driving

Take More Considered Journeys

Transport is one of the major factors in global warming right now. With more cars on the roads than ever, the convenience has led us to get out and about more. But with cars comes emissions, and you need to ask yourself if the journey that you are making is necessary, or if there are alternative arrangements that you could make. 

Plan your journeys to avoid traffic black spots, and set of as early as possible so that you can drive at a modest speed. 

Car Sharing 

Think about car sharing. If you know that others are taking a similar journey, why not all go together. That way, instead of several lots of emissions, there will be just one. If you know of people who live near you who work in the same workplace, why not have a regular car share club. It’s also a great way of building up social links with those around you. 

Use An Alternative Mode Of Transport

Cars can be very convenient, we get into the habit of going everywhere by car. However, driving ourselves may not be the best way to go. Think about taking public transport where you can, or even walking or cycling. Many towns and cities have really invested in their infrastructure in recent years to try and make it as easy as possible for people to get around without having to drive. 

Buy Used Cars

Every year new cars are built, and that means that old cars end up getting scrapped. Often, there is nothing wrong with these vehicles and they have plenty of life left in them. Buying a used car from a company such a Trade Cars and Commercials, can mean more life being found from a vehicle instead of buying new. Also, visiting old timer festivals like VW Festivals is always fun and you can pick up a few ideas of restoration.

Look For A Green Vehicle

There are a number of ways that you can help reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to buying a car. Getting an electric, or hybrid vehicle will help when it comes to emissions. If you have to get a petrol car, look at the emissions. Picking a vehicle with a smaller engine will generally mean that you will have a lower emission output. Often people buy larger cars when they don’t have the need. If the car is just for you, or if you have a small family, then think about getting a smaller car. Look for vehicles that have added features such as the ability to cut the engine if you are sat for any length of time in traffic. 

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