5 Trips That Every Woman Should Take In Her Lifetime

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Travelling is known to be one of the best teaching methods and leaves a person feeling refreshed. Travelling has so much to teach that the more you travel, the more you want to. In a lifetime, a person faces many kinds of challenges and the teachings we acquire in our lifetime help us overcome these challenges. Travelling can teach us a lot about overcoming obstacles.

There are different kinds of trips that a woman must take in her lifetime to experience the different joys of travelling. Each trip will leave you feeling more than how you began your trip. So here are 5 types of trips you must definitely take in your life.

1. The Dream Destination

We all have a dream destination that we have been collecting pictures of and dreaming of. It’s time to work hard, save for that trip and take it. The feeling of achieving a dream you’ve been dreaming for so long, will leave you feeling confident about yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. You will definitely love to admire your dream place and see the picture you had in your head come true in real life. It will be an extremely overwhelming feeling, leaving you with smiles for a lifetime.

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2. The Girls Vacation

It goes without saying that you must take more than one girls’ vacation in your lifetime. You can either make it a part of your hen weekend and take a trip with your girls for a hen do in Benidorm or other popular hen do destinations, before you get married or just take a trip for the joy of being with your girls in a new city. A trip with your girls will bring you all closer and it will bond you girls for a lifetime. You learn to see things from different perspectives when you travel with your pals. You hear different life stories that inspire you and make you a better person.

3. Road Trip

If you don’t know how to drive then you must learn and take a road trip at least once in your life. On this road trip, you should be the one driving. The joy in reaching a destination by driving on your own is exhilarating. It is definitely a confidence building trip and the scenic beauty that you get to enjoy on a road trip is incomparable to other journeys. So definitely put this one on the list.

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4. Travelling Down The Memory Lane

Another empowering trip to add to this list, would be a trip down your memory lane. If you have a family home you’ve heard of from your parents but never visited, it’s time to finally pay a visit to your family home. Put a picture in your head to support all the childhood stories about your family home. This trip will empower your sense of identity and strengthen your bond with your family. You’ll feel a part of your family history which will make your family ties stronger.

5. A Love Vacation

They say if you travel and eat with the person you love, before getting married, you can tell a lot about how your life with them will look like. So before you tie the knot and say ‘i do’, take a trip with your bae and get a small sneak peak into what your married lives will look like. This is extremely important to sense the compatibility with your loved one, see if you two complement each other’s lives for the better and can build a life together.


These trips will make you feel more connected to yourself, you’ll learn more about your own personality and the journey of self discovery is a truly enriching one. So make sure that in your busy lives you are taking some time out for yourself and taking these trips to treat yourself to wisdom, inspiration and new roads. It doesn’t matter whether you take these trips with a partner, friends or family (except for the solo trip), make sure you take them at least once in your life. Each of these trips will leave you feeling a little more empowered and a little more surprised about how much travelling can teach you.

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