5 Ways To Create A Relaxing Ambient At Home

clutter free room


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Why it’s important to de-stress at home

At the end of the days we all need to unwind and charge up our batteries. Partially because we need to get ready for the next day’s challenges and also because it’s good for our mental health. Stress can play a big role developing different mental and physical issues too. To prevent this, the best place to start with is our home. Our interior can help with this and there are some great ways to create a relaxing ambient in our home. Here’s my favourites:

5 ways to create a relaxing ambient

1. Declutter

I know I keep saying this, but this is by far the most important method for me which works wonders. Getting rid of everything we don’t or can’t use use anymore is really good for reducing stress and anxiety levels. We can recycle the items we don’t want anymore: give them away to someone who needs them or leave them in a charity shop. Don’t just chuck them into the bin!

2. Use houseplants

Bringing a little bit of nature indoors is a great way to brighten and refresh your interior. Looking after them also give you the sense of routine and caring for a living creature. Which is proven to be good for mental health. I also love having fresh, cut flowers all the time, especially when the weather is not so fine (which happens in England very often…) Looking at them cheers me up instantly.

clutter free room

3. Surround yourself things you like

Use your current favourite colours on the walls and change them if you get bored of them. Display your travel memorabilias, they will always remind you of fun times like the seashells you collected at the seaside. Get some prints of your favourite paintings or hang up more mirrors – whatever you like. If you like a very minimalist style, then use that.

4. Let the sunshine in

Choose light and pastel colours, choose lighter curtains and open the windows and air your home frequently. I’m totally addicted to this last one: I have to air all rooms every day.

5. Make it happen

Stop delaying getting things done: buy the paint and start painting the walls, get rid of the clutter this weekend. Make plans and create the home you always wanted now – you’ll see the difference it will make in your life.

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