5 Ways To Get Cosier This Winter

Cosy days

With the remnants of summer fading fast, we really should start thinking about that cold weather.

Winter? Why are we talking about winter already?! It seems only yesterday we were basking in the sun’s rays and sizzling those burgers on the barbeque. Despite some of us loving everything that winter brings, whether that be the magical, festive feeling of Christmas or snuggling up with your family in your pjs, the rest of the population do nothing but complain. The fact that we have winter every year means that we should at least try to take advantage of everything that comes with it. Come on, what’s there not to love about endless hot chocolates and huge woolly jumpers in the evenings?

The mornings and evenings will become darker and wetter, but don’t let that dampen your spirits. There are many different ways you can stay cosy during the winter months, and I promise you’ll come out the other side smiling! Today, I’ve teamed up with Rix, leading heating oil suppliers in the UK to bring you some tips on how to get much cosier this winter.

1.     Stay warm, wherever you are!

It’s important to stay warm and comfortable throughout the chilly season to avoid getting ill. It’s true; you’ll use more energy during the cooler months to keep the coldness at bay, but there are ways to make this considerably cheaper. Let’s start with your energy supplier. If your bills are creeping up year after year, it may be worth looking into different options. A cheaper and effective option to try is home heating oil. Not only will it heat up the rooms in your home much faster than other methods, but it’s also more economical, heating much more efficiently than a natural gas.

Of course, your heating choices aren’t the only way to keep warm during the winter. Putting on a few extra layers on or grabbing an extra blanket for bed will also make a huge difference. If you chose a weighted blanket, that wouldn’t just keep you warm but probably make you sleep better. Also, let’s not forget those evening pet snuggles!

Cosy days

2.     Invest in some good quality, comfortable clothing.

No matter whether you’re staying in the house all day or going on a long walk, you’ll not feel the cold half as much if you invest in the right clothing beforehand. Big woollen jumpers, thermal tops and trousers, gloves, hats, you name it; ensuring all your body parts are covered will stop that pesky cold wind from making you uncomfortable. When you’re inside, make sure you’ve good pair of fluffy socks, slippers and that big cosy night gown. Who says you can’t wear this during the day?!

3.     Get your aromas just right.

Winter just screams cinnamon, pine and orange scents, those which definitely get us in the Christmas spirit. For an extra cosy feel, (on top of all those extra layers of clothing of course) grab yourself a few scented candles or incense sticks and alternate their use in your most lived in room of the house. You can also get into the habit of spraying home furnishings such as curtains or bedding with a wintery scent or spritz different rooms of your house with room sprays for a constant cosy fragrance.


4.     Stop those sneaky draughts.

There’s nothing worse than getting your house cosy and then feeling that chilling breeze around your ankles. Even worse, you’re finding that the heat you’ve worked so hard to keep inside is somehow getting lost. You need to investigate! It’s highly likely that those annoying draughts are coming from around a window or beneath a door. Thankfully, there’s a few relatively simple solutions. After ensuring you weatherproof your windows with the right strips, you can add an extra layer to your curtains, creating another shield and helping to stop your heat from escaping. You can also invest in some draught excluders for underneath doors.

5.     Home furnishings.

One of the best parts of a house is the home furnishings that make it so cosy and welcoming. Aside from having good lighting and perhaps the odd mood creating scented candle, think about the other areas of your home that look a little bare. Consider big fluffy rugs on your wooden floors or extra throws on the sofa to grab while you’re watching the next episode of your current Netflix binge. These little amendments to how you live will make all the difference, and you’ll instantly feel a lot cosier in your living space.

These reasons alone should prove that winter isn’t necessarily something to dread, but something that should be embraced and enjoyed by the whole family. If we put the measures in place, we can stay cosy and enjoy everything it brings. How do you stay cosy during those winter months?

This post was in collaboration with Rix, suppliers of fuel and heating oil to homes and businesses across the UK. For more information on their services or to get a quote, visit their website: https://www.rix.co.uk.

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