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5 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For A COVID Winter

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It’s always a good idea to get your house in order ready for winter, but this year it is even more so. With COVID-19 still hanging around, you’re going to be spending even more time at home this winter, and you’re going to want to eliminate as much risk as you can by making sure that you have everything you need for the cold weather and to keep you warm, entertained and safe through the winter months. 

Get Your Interiors How You Want Them

If you’re not going to be spending money on Christmas parties, new outfits, Christmas concerts or markets, then you might as well spend it on making your home just how you want it. If you’re going to be home more than usual, then you’re going to want to be happy in your environment so whether it’s redecorating, moving furniture around or buying new, then now is the time to do it. Is it time to invest in a comfortable zero gravity chair? Then visit link here.

Put Your Summer Stuff Away

You won’t be needing your summer clothes, sandals, beach toys, picnic blankets, outdoor chairs and tables and camping things for a while now, so why not make some room in the house and clear them out. If you don’t have enough storage at home, then you could get a self-storage unit, and now they even come with smart entry meaning it’s so much easier for you to access your stuff. If you don’t need a storage unit, then perhaps some vacuum bags could work to make space and keep your things safe until you need them again. 

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Organise outside lighting and heating

While it’s going to be colder outside, because of COVID if you want to entertain, then you might have to do it outdoors and at a safe distance. Kit your garden out with plenty of lights; you can use useful ones so you can actually see where you’re going but also some decorative lights such as fairy lights in your trees or multicoloured lights on the roof. Heating is also essential if you’re going to be having people round this winter, so either get yourself a good fire pit or some outdoor heaters or both. Also, stock up on blankets for you and your guests. 

Get a smart meter

If you’re watching your pennies which many of us are right now more than usual, then getting a smart meter can really help you to keep track of how much you are spending on your heating. They show you how much energy you’re using, in real-time, and how much gas and electricity you’re using in pounds and pence. This means you can learn about what devices in your home use more than others, and it will help you not to waste energy as well as not to waste money. 

Check Your Boiler

Before the cold weather really sets in, make sure you have checked your boiler and radiators to make sure they’re all working. If you’re dealing with an old and inefficient boiler months before winter, it’s best to call in a professional for repairs or even a boiler replacement to make sure that you’ll stay warm for the winter. That way if there’s anything wrong you can get it sorted now before you’re stuck in a freezing cold house and struggling to get someone to come out because of a national lockdown

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