5 Ways To Improve The Look & Feel Of Your Home & Garden This Spring

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As Winter comes to a close and the signs of Spring begin to appear, homeowners feel motivated to refresh their properties. Some make a huge investment into big structural changes, whereas others perform simple bits and pieces to keep their home looking tip-top. If you are thinking about home renovations, however big or small, there are certainly a few main things that people are updating and improving in their houses in 2024.

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A Fresh Lick Of Paint Can Go A Long Way

It’s easy to maintain the same colour scheme within your house year in, year out, and that’s fine! However, a new coat of paint, perhaps in a different shade, can really brighten up your home. As time goes on, design trends change and many people feel that a more modern look and feel may suit them better. Whether it’s refreshing your internal walls with bold emulsion, or renewing your weather-beaten outdoor fence posts with masonry paint, you’ll be surprised at the results!

Plant Wildflowers

Not only pretty but they are super beneficial for the pollinators. You might heard that wild bees are endangered and the lack of food as well as pesticides are trimming the population even further. This is bad news for both them and us, humans. We rely on them to pollinate crops – and one of the best ways to help them is to add a corner of wildflower meadow in your garden – or go full the entire lawn for early summer, including No-Mow May.

Fablon Is Fab For Upcycling

Have you heard of Fablon? It’s multi-purpose adhesive vinyl and can be used for all sorts! Homeowners are really getting creative with this one, and using Fablon to upcycle their kitchen worktops, furniture, floors – the list is endless! By using Fablon, people are saving thousands as it’s a cost-effective alternative to making new purchases for the home.

Dress Your Windows With Shutter Blinds

Blinds are always a popular choice to keep rooms extra dark at night, and to add a sense of privacy to the rooms of your home, however new styles are becoming more and more popular with homeowners in the UK. In the past, roman or venetian blinds were the go-to choice, whereas now, there are hundreds of styles, colours and finishes to choose from, including modern shutter blinds.

A New Front Door Can Make A Big Difference

Your home’s front door one of the first things you see, so you want it to look the part! Not only this, but you want to ensure that your door is safe and secure as a point of entry too. Old-fashioned front doors might be made of wood with single-pane glass panels, which aren’t secure and over time, can be subject to deterioration. Composite doors and UPVC doors can now be purchased in different styles and colours, including the ever popular anthracite grey, and can really enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Helpful? I hope so! Any home improvement should be regarded as an investment. However, perhaps more importantly, by making changes, you find yourself transforming your house into a home that looks and feels just how you want it too.

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