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5 Ways To Make Your Christmas Outfit Sustainable

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Christmas is around the corner and so are festive entertainment and parties! Whether you are going out, attending a family gathering or hosting Christmas dinner or a Christmas party; you would definitely want to dress for the occasion. Bring on elegant dresses, party wear or Christmas jumper – the choice is yours! Whatever is it, with a little effort and attention to details you can also make sure that your Christmas outfit will thread lightly on Earth. 

Here are my tips.

5 Ways To Make Your Christmas Outfit Sustainable

christmas dress

1 Invest in quality

If you’re deciding buying something new, like a thigh high boots, just make sure that it’s not only for one wear or one season. Throwaway fashion is a huge problem. We need to make sure that the Christmas outfit we choose is not ending up in landfill. And that we get approximately 30 wears out of the item. Items that are of great quality last longer and even if you give them away, someone else might be able to enjoy them. The longer an item last is the better for the environment – no question about that.

2 Don’t buy a whole outfit – reuse what you have

If you are making a purchase this year and buying something new – limit yourself buying just one new showstopper and add what you have to it from your wardrobe. Also try to buy with keeping in mind what you can pair your new dresses for women with from what you already own. This could also be a golden rule in my view: it helps you to follow your own style instead of flittering around and ending up lots of things you don’t really like in the end because you feel like you have nothing to pair it with. This will also help you to keep your closet clutter free and keep your purchase decisions more mindful.

3 Buy second hand 

Just the other day when I payed my weekly visit to the local charity shops on the high street (I do this and I buy what I fall in love with rather what I need, so as a result I have a clothes I absolutely love, reflect my taste and style for little money. I must admit I also enjoy these trips!) I spotted so many festive outfits from silly Christmas jumpers to elegant evening gowns. Buying second hand is the best way to buy clothes sustainably. These garments are already made so keeping them in circulation is the best thing we can do with them. Another reason is that with charity shops you also support an important cause which otherwise  would not be able to secure funds. Same goes to occasion outfits that no longer fir or you no longer like. It goes without saying I suppose, but please don’t bin it, donate it! (Or sell it!)

4 Buy items you can use another occasions

When you buy anything for an occasion (new or used) always ask yourself: would I be able to use it another occasion? Like most of the special occasion dresses, Christmas outfits are only used once a year; you probably won’t be able to use it for many years to come. So rather than choosing something that you can only wear once or twice, invest in something you can use on other occasions: a couple of more parties and occasions before donating it when you get bored of it. (I get it, we all get bored of our clothes!) 

5 Rent

Renting is another option –  fairly new comer, but more and more renting and swapping boutiques and sties are popping up. This is great news. It shows how the view on fashion is changing for the better. For one, an item that is rentable HAS to be a good quality item. Things that fall apart apart after a wash or two – obviously, they can’t be invested in. But garments that are decently made, can. They are also insured so you won’t have to worry about damaging them. General wear and tear is normally no problem in case of rented clothes but anything major that cannot be repaired is out of this insurance. But then it’s the same when you invest in brand new clothes, isn’t it?

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