5 Ways You Can Add Value to Your Home by Renovating Your Bathroom

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For many of us, the bathroom is the most important room in the house. So why do homeowners often overlook their renovation potential in favour of kitchens or gardens? The answer is cost; renovating your bathroom is expensive!

However, this is also the renovation project that often delivers the biggest ROI when attempting to raise the value of your home. If you’re thinking of sprucing up your beloved restroom then here are our top ways of adding value.

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1) Updating Your Existing Bathroom 

Contrary to what many people believe, it is relatively easy to remodel a bathroom within the boundaries of the existing one. First, have a think about how functional your existing bathroom is. If it has any leaks or ruined plumbing, you need to take care of that first before thinking about cosmetic changes.

Once leaks are fixed and cracks are painted over, try to resist the temptation of going overboard with cosmetic changes. Remember, you’re trying to turn a profit with your renovation, so keep the purse strings tight!

2) Changing the Size of the Bathroom 

The next step is deciding on whether to adjust the measurements of the bathroom. Although it might be expensive to knock down walls or reconfigure the layout of the room, you can go for simple design changes. Always remember that large bathrooms are some of the best-selling points to home buyers. 

In case you don’t have the budget to increase the size of your bathroom, there are little tricks you can use to create the illusion of space. For example, glass showers appear smaller than their over-the-tub equivalents, whilst being just as functional. Also consider using wall scones around any mirrors, and installing brighter lights to make the room seem airier. All these are pocket-friendly options. 

3) Save the planet… and your wallet

You don’t need to break the bank to give your bathroom countertops a new look. Instead, why not use recycled materials? These don’t need to be dull and boring either; instead, image attractive reused materials like glass or stone. Remember to use low-VOC sealants when you are installing the countertops, as this will help protect the air quality in the home.

Homebuyers are a fussy lot and tend to be on the lookout for cheap and low-quality materials during house viewings, so it’s important that you use high quality recycled materials for your renovation. It might cost you a bit more in the short term, but it will also increase your home’s value

Another idea is to install a cabinetry that is made from natural materials like bamboo. This is a sustainably harvested material that is very environmentally friendly. For your tiles and flooring, choose natural, recycled or reclaimed materials. Go for those materials that reduce toxicity like linoleum instead of vinyl. Install an electric warming system just under the tile or stone floor instead of a heater. 

4) Using Marble Sheets 

Instead of using bog standard (excuse the pub) ceramics, go for marble sheets for your tub surrounds. With marble, you will save on labour cost as they tend to be easier to install. The finished look is also very attractive. Home buyers will appreciate the look and feel of marble sheets, and since they understand that they require less maintenance, it will be a plus to them. 

5) Go Eco-Friendly 

If you want an eco-friendly bathroom, start by incorporating a WaterSense labelled toilet. Such an option saves almost 2 billion gallons each day across the country. You can also install a composting toilet, which is another great green option. 

While still on the eco-friendly path, consider buying a WaterSense labelled sink faucet for your bathroom. They have been found to reduce the water flow by at least 30% without any change in their performance. This is important since most indoor water usage comes from faucets. 

Selling a home can be a daunting task especially when you have lived in it for so long, and its plumbing and other structural systems have been affected by wear and other forms of damage. All the above tips about renovating the bathroom can help you increase the value of your home so that you get the best price from its sale.

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