5 Ways You Can Make A Difference To Somebody’s Life Today


This is a collaborative post.

Can one person really make a difference? Yes, and today that person could be you. Thinking outside of your own needs for a change, consider what you could do to change somebody’s life for the better today.

#1: Be kind to the people you see today

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to smile at somebody. A polite ‘thank you’ won’t take a moment from your day. A kind word or gesture might be all it takes to instill positive feelings in another. So, today, with the people you see at home and at work, and with the people you see on your daily commute either way, offer kindness. You might make all the difference to the day they are having, especially if they are struggling in any way. And in the process, they might pay forward your kindness to others, meaning you have not just helped one person, but potentially helped many!

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#2: Help somebody in need

For the strangers you see in the street, to your friends, family, and work colleagues, help somebody in need today. Buy a cup of tea for a homeless person, and point them in the direction of a shelter if you know of any. Be a shoulder to cry on, and a listening ear for anybody you know going through a rough time. If you know of anybody struggling with an addiction, guide them to a counselling service, or to the services of such places as an alcohol or drug rehab. Stand up for somebody who is being treated unjustly, be that a stranger in a supermarket, or a colleague at work. Don’t be that person who walks on by, ignoring the needs of those around you. Actively do something, and make a difference, however small, to somebody’s life today.

#3: Be charitable

There are thousands of charities and good causes in the world today, so think about any that mean something to you, and then do something to support them. You can donate money to charity, making a one-off donation or signing up a direct debit to make regular payments. You could give your time, such as giving blood at a donation centre or by volunteering for a local cause. You might fundraise on a charity’s behalf, spreading the word around your social networks, or by organising a special event to raise awareness. You could go online right now, and post links to a charity on Facebook, or you could write something in support of a charity on your blog. And you might donate any of your unwanted items to a school, hospital, or a local charity shop, thus decluttering your life while showing support for others. There are all kinds of things you can do to be charitable, so go out of the way in support of something today.


#4: Teach somebody something

You don’t need to qualify to be a teacher in order to teach something, but don’t let us stop you if you want a more fulfilling career change! You can use your skills today, helping others by sharing your time and experience. So, you might start within your own family. Think of the life skills your children need to learn and do something to educate them. When you’re at work, there may be people around you without your talents and experience, so offer them the benefits of your skills and knowledge. And within your family and friendship groups, teach something that will benefit their lives, such as how to make a healthy recipe, or giving them tips on how to better manage their money. Not everybody will accept your help – it’s that little thing we call pride – but for those who do, you might teach them something that will help them in both the short and the long-term.

#5: Have faith in somebody

Many of us are clouded by self-doubt. We don’t believe we are good enough. We lack the faith to believe in ourselves, and in the dreams that we doubt will ever come true. And while that might be true of you today, it might also be true in the lives of the people around you. So, to you, we say “You can do it” in an effort to encourage you, and we ask you to offer that encouragement to the people you know who you need it. If you show faith in them, and if you do something to raise their self-esteem, you might well give them the courage to step out of their limiting beliefs, and into a life where their wildest dreams might be realised. So, think. Who could you encourage today?


Can one person make a difference? You betcha, so today, go out of your way to make that difference, be that in the life of one person, or in the lives of the many.



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