6 Ways to Make Campervan Vacations More Affordable


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With the cost of living rising across the board, lots of people are looking for ways to save some cash while still being able to go on holiday. Campervan vacations are already a great budget-friendly option, but with a little forward planning, it’s possible to make them even more affordable. Here are six ways to do so.


1. Travel in the off-season

Just like with every other type of holiday, taking a campervan vacation in the off-season is a fantastic way to reduce costs. For example, if you have the freedom to travel outside of the school holidays, then you’re guaranteed to make savings on everything from the van itself to the campsite you stay at. Not to mention, fewer people will travel at this time so you’ll enjoy a more peaceful holiday too!

2. Pick the right destination

Generally, you can expect touristy destinations to charge more at campsites, restaurants, bars, attractions, and so on. By choosing to visit an area that’s not as well known, you’ll benefit from cheaper costs and smaller crowds. Talk about a win-win situation! Similarly, do some research when booking your campsite to ensure that you’re not paying more for facilities you won’t use. A simpler and lower-cost spot might be all you need.

3. Book in advance

Wherever you choose to travel in your campervan, be sure to make your booking in advance. Many places offer an early bird discount, so you end up paying less for the same service. Ideally, you want to book several months in advance to get the best deals, so aim for that if your schedule allows you to. Alternatively, you could do the complete opposite and find a last-minute bargain if you’re feeling spontaneous!

4. Hire a campervan rather than buy one

Campervans can be an expensive investment, especially if you don’t intend to use yours that often. That’s why campervan hire can be a convenient and affordable alternative. It’s possible to rent fully insured vehicles from private owners for a great price, with all sorts of sizes and styles to choose from. That includes child-friendly and pet-friendly options! Plus, if you fall in love with van life, you can always buy one at a later date!

5. Eat in

Cooking for yourself is always a good way to save money on holiday. Many campervans come equipped with excellent kitchen facilities, so this will in no way be a compromise – and you may as well make the most of them! One of the great joys of campervan trips is enjoying a family meal outside your van amid gorgeous scenery, so don’t miss out on it!

6. Make the most of free activities

The whole point of a campervan vacation is to get out in nature, and the best part is that you can explore the great outdoors for free! Whether you want to take long walks on the beach, hike through the mountains, go on a bike ride, swim in a pristine lake, or build dens with the kids in the forest, you can enjoy a whole day of fun without spending any money.

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