7 Backyard Additions To Transform It Into an Ultimate Kids Playground

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Now that experts have compiled so much information proving the adverse effects of kids with social media and electronics, the push for outside playtime is more vital than it has been in years. Today’s parents recognize the magic blend of imagination, exercise, and fresh air that comes from outdoor play, and a playground is the ideal way to meet that target.

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Designing the ultimate playground for your children doesn’t have to be complicated, though. You can bring in pre-made structures from well-known companies like The Luxury Pergola

to give yourself a starting point and then add on from there. Here are 7 must-have additions to your backyard to take it from ordinary to extraordinary for your children.

1. The Right Equipment

Structures like a pergola or swing set are an excellent foundation, but to really get your kids engaged in active play, you’ll need other resources to entice them into movement. Toys like jump ropes, ladders, slides, and balance beams are popular and relatively safe. If you know your children are usually more responsible and have someone monitoring them, you can also add trampolines, scooters, skateboards, and climbing domes to the available playground equipment.

2. Sensory Equipment

Remember the excitement you got when you built sandcastles or felt the sand between your toes? Most children love this sensory feeling, which can be easily encouraged with a sand or mud pit or a simple tub or bird bath full of pebbles.

3.  Sports Equipment

Whether or not your child enjoys sports, teaching them how to play the basics will help them significantly in the future. They’ll learn patience, strategy, muscle control, teamwork, and many other skills that will be useful outside of the game.

4. Art Equipment

Encourage your child’s creative side by adding some art equipment to the playground area. Tools like used guitars, drums, easels, and blocks bring the imagination to life. Some of these items may need to be protected from weathering, so be sure to have a safe toy box or a covered area to keep them in.

5. A Fort or Playhouse

Encouraging imagination through play is easy when you give your children a playhouse or fort and let them go wild! You may need to give them a little inspiration at first, but without too much direction and with the help of other kids, you’ll be amazed at the creative games your child will come up with.

6. A Garden

Children are naturally attracted to plants. They are amazed at how they grow and the various types of flowers, herbs, and other greenery around them. Encourage this interest by starting a garden. Yours can be simple at first as you and your child get to know the basics of growing a plant, and then you can expand your garden to include vegetables and herbs to cook with. Gardening has a plethora of benefits, such as building memories between you and your child.

7. Safety Features

The ultimate kids’ playground is safe for your child to play around. Typically, this means it’s inside a fenced-in yard secure enough for your child’s age and mental development. The ground should also be designed for those factors. Some children will be fine with grass and dirt, while others will need softer padding should they fall. The safety features of your playground depend on your child’s needs and whether you’ll be monitoring them while they’re playing or not.

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