7 Ideas To Make 70th Birthday Invitations For Her More Special

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When it comes to the 70-year milestone for your mother, the birthday invitations need to be extra special. You wouldn’t want 70th birthday invitations for her to be like other years. And for this reason, we give you 7 stellar ideas to make her invitations special.

happy birthday balloons: 70th Birthday Invitations

1. Combine Your Invitations With Gifts

Women love gifts. And not only receiving gifts but also giving them away. It would be nice if you could send away your party invites for her birthday along with a gift. It could be anything from a wind chime to a wall piece. All you need to make sure is that the gifts somehow relate to her. After all, it’s her special day.

2. Include Group Photos In Your Invitations

Your mother must have made hundreds of friends in all these 70 years. No wonder she must also have photo memories of her friends. Including these photo memories into your party invite could be a great idea to commemorate her 70th birthday. Moreover, if you could get a group photo or even make a collage out of selfies and duos with her, your party invitations would surely stand out. And subsequently, make her 70th birthday invitations more special.

3. 70 Milestones In 70 Years

Ever heard about making a photo journey? Well, you can do it for her on her special day. Just collect some 70 special moments of her life and make them a part of your party invite. For example, you can include her graduation day photo, her first road trip, or even her first getaway photo into the invitation card.

4. BYOB 70th Birthday Invitations

Well, the idea of BYOB is an excellent memoir for 70-year-olds. People in those times loved this idea. And you can recreate it for her. It need not necessarily be Bring Your Own Beer as it might be rude in some communities. Perhaps, you can call it Bring Your Own Bags of Happiness. Ask her friends to bring along something (a remarkable memory of her) with them when they come to the party. Sounds great, eh!

70th Birthday Invitations: pink cake and pink doughnuts

5. Give Away Gift Cards

Instead of giving away gifts, you can give away gift cards. Shopping coupons, sale coupons, or even a movie ticket can do the trick. It would not only intrigue your guests but also make sure that they come to the party. After all, you’re making your guests feel important.

6. Animate Your Birthday Invitations

Another great idea for designing party invites could be animations. Well, you’ll need to create and design a digital party invitation to your guests. And as you make 70th birthday invitations for her, don’t forget to include some photos from her life. This could mean a lot to your mother.

7. Make Your Invitations Women Only

Last but not least, you can make her feel special for her femininity. Host a birthday party for her, keeping it strictly for women. You’ll need to make your invitation cards specifically for women guests. Imbue some bright and happy colors, flowery textures, and, most importantly, highlight why she is a great woman in your life. It would surely make an exciting party invite for her girlfriends.

Regardless of what design you choose, make sure they highlight something about her. After all, it’s her 70th birthday, and you ought to make it memorable for her.

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