7 Items No Traveler Should Ever Go Without


Vacations or business trips can be great opportunities to see the world and give yourself a little break from the humdrum of daily life. That said, sometimes traveling can be tedious or difficult due to factors outside of your control. You may even run into some minor problems, like realizing you forgot to pack your phone’s charging cable and adapter or struggling to get some sleep because it’s too noisy on your flight. Or needing to buy SIM cards in Japan –  niche thing, but it does happen, so visit Simify in that case.

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To make your next trip more comfortable and less stressful, below are some items that you’ll need to bring:

Compression Socks

Don’t just wear any regular pair of socks to your trip. If you can, buy men’s compression crew socks, especially if you have a long flight ahead of you. These kinds of socks apply slight, controlled pressure to the legs to improve blood circulation. This, in turn, lessens foot swelling and numbness caused by a lack of movement during extended periods of sitting. By wearing a good pair of compression socks, your legs will feel a lot better during and after your flight.

An Eye Mask

Some places of accommodation may not feature blackout curtains, which can be a problem for people who need complete darkness to be able to rest or sleep properly. It can also be difficult to get some shut-eye during your flight if the cabin lights are still on or if the person seated next to you has their personal device’s screen at full brightness. Given this, bring an eye mask with you so that you’re prepared for these kinds of situations.

A Neck Pillow

While some people don’t see the value in bringing along a neck pillow, they can really come in handy during long flights, especially when used correctly. Indeed, having a comfortable pillow to lean your tired head on can be a godsend if you need to get some sleep before arriving at your destination.

But instead of placing the bottom of the “U” shape of the pillow on the back of your neck, place it below your chin instead, with the open side facing behind you. This placement will better support your head and keep it from leaning too far forward or to the sides.

An E-Reader

If you’re fond of reading books during your flight or while relaxing at your place of accommodation, you’ll definitely want to bring along an e-reader. This lightweight device can hold thousands of digital books, which makes it a far better alternative to bringing stacks of books along with you. And because most e-readers have a long battery life, using them is also a great way to entertain yourself in case you find yourself in a location without an internet connection for quite a while.

A Smart Tablet

Do you prefer to watch videos in your free time, but feel that your phone’s screen is far too small? You may want to bring along a smart tablet with you.

That said, streaming may not be an option on flights or areas that don’t offer reliable internet connections. So, it’s best to download the movies you want to watch onto your device beforehand so that you can view them offline.

Of course, a tablet can be used for more than just entertainment. If you want to get a little bit of work done but don’t want to bring along a heavy laptop, you can do many lightweight tasks such as emailing, writing, and surfing the web on your tablet. And if you want to continue web surfing on your phone, after arriving in Thailand for example, check out deals on Sims Direct.

Tablet EMF-blocking covers are a necessary travel accessory. These pouches protect your tablet by using a unique substance that inhibits electromagnetic radiation. By preventing hacking, data theft, and location monitoring, they provide peace of mind. Faraday bags make sure that your device is kept safe from potential hazards whether you’re in crowded public areas, airports, or hotels.

Faraday bags not only increase security but also help to prolong the battery life of your tablet. They increase the battery life of your tablet while you’re traveling by preventing external signals from causing it to continually look for and maintain connections. These bags are a practical option for on-the-go security because they are lightweight, small, and easy to carry.

Noise-Canceling Headphones or Earphones

A plane cabin can get quite noisy, whether it’s due to a chattering group of friends or a family trying to calm down a crying baby. Similarly, it can be hard to concentrate if you’re trying to get some work done in a crowded café or restaurant.

Fortunately, you can block out your surroundings by wearing a pair of noise-canceling headphones. If you find headphones to be too bulky for your taste, you can always opt for noise-canceling earphones instead. However, do take note that noise-canceling earphones may not be as effective at noise cancellation as their headphone counterparts are.

A Pen

No matter where you go, having a pen with you is always good to have. It can come in handy in situations like needing to sign or fill out forms as you go through the airport, checking in to your place of accommodations, and more.

Additionally, although the world is steadily advancing toward adopting more digital systems, some countries haven’t caught up yet and still require pen and paper documentation for various things. So, bringing a pen or two can save you from scrambling for one or having to borrow one from someone you don’t know.

With the seven items mentioned above, you can be sure that your trip will be a lot more comfortable and less stressful, from start to finish. To make sure you don’t forget to bring them along, it’s a good idea to prepare a to-do list that you can refer to when packing your luggage. After all, the last thing you’d want is to realize you left something behind when you need it most.

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