7 “Paw-Some” New Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Dog

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The holiday season is earnestly here, and your home may be filled with the warmth of festive lights, the aroma of baked goods, and the sound of jolly music. You may be looking forward to the spirit of the holidays, which are all about creating good memories and embracing the spirit of togetherness. Amidst your usual celebrations, you’ve got the opportunity to make each moment even more special by including a cherished family member: your dog.

Involving your pets in holiday festivities can double the fun and make them feel extra loved on these special occasions. If it’s your first time celebrating the holidays with your dog, or if you simply want to roll out a new holiday tradition with your canine, here are seven “paw-some” things you can try: 

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1) Participate in a Holiday Toy Drive for Shelter Animals

The holidays are the season for giving, and what better way to embody this than by participating in a holiday toy drive for shelter animals? This is indeed a wonderful opportunity to extend the festive cheer to dogs and other animals in need. You can contact local animal shelters to coordinate with them for a special holiday donation drive or research on the internet about similar ways that you can contribute.

For those looking to make a bigger impact, consider purchasing from suppliers of wholesale dog toys, which will allow you to donate a greater volume of toys to shelter dogs. You and your dog can also visit the animal shelters and hand out toys as gifts in person. Your contribution is sure to bring shelter animals and shelter staff immeasurable joy and brighten their holiday season.

2) Plan Festive Photoshoots

Capture the holiday spirit with a festive photoshoot featuring the toothy grin of your adorable pooch. Dressing your dog in holiday-themed outfits can be a fun way to create lasting memories that you can cherish all year round.

Consider outfitting them in a cozy reindeer sweater, a jolly Santa hat, or a sparkly red dress. When setting up your photoshoot, choose a comfortable space for your dog, ideally where they feel safe and relaxed. Natural light can work wonders for your photographs, so try to schedule the shoot during the daytime.

If you want to be extra, you can always book a studio shoot for you and your dog. Just remember to bring lots of treats to keep your dog smiling throughout the pictorials!

3) Bake Dog-Friendly Holiday Treats

Speaking of treats, the holidays wouldn’t be complete without them. You can prepare holiday-themed treats for your doggo at home using ingredients like pumpkin, peanut butter (as long as it’s xylitol-free), and oatmeal. You can shape these treats into snowflakes, stars, or even miniature Christmas trees in festive shapes.

Not only are these homemade goodies safer for your dog, but baking them can also be a delightful way for you to bond over the holidays with your pooch, partner, and kids. When baking these treats, just make sure that the ingredients used are safe for dogs, and keep portions small to avoid overfeeding.

4) Make a Doggy Advent Calendar

Building anticipation for Christmas Day may be just as exciting for your dog as it is for you. If you want to be extra creative, you can try making a doggy advent calendar with a special treat or toy behind each door.

This daily surprise can range from a small chew toy to a healthy treat; the pawsibilities are endless as long as you choose items that keep your dog engaged and happy. Your pup will look forward to the morning ritual as each day passes, making the joy of the holiday countdown a shared experience.

5) Organize a Dog Holiday Party

Celebrate the season by hosting a holiday party where dogs are not just welcome, but also honored guests. Plan a gathering where your friends and their dogs can enjoy the festivities with you and your pooch. Set up a play area with toys and comfortable bedding, and prepare dog-safe treats for all your canine guests.

For the dog owners, you can provide snacks and refreshments that complement the holiday theme. Activities like a ‘best dressed’ contest or a simple ‘fetch’ game can add to the fun.

6) Wear Matching Holiday Outfits

Add a dash of festive flair to your wardrobe, and consider dressing up in matching holiday outfits with your dog. You can coordinate sweaters, bandanas, or even themed costumes like Santa Claus and one of his elves; either way, this can be a delightful way to bond with your pet.

When choosing outfits, prioritize your dog’s comfort and safety and ensure that their clothing doesn’t restrict movement or cause distress. These matching ensembles are perfect for a photo op and will add fun to any holiday gathering you attend together.

7) Create Custom Dog Ornaments

Embrace the holiday spirit by creating or ordering custom dog ornaments. These ornaments can feature your dog’s name, a photo, or paw print. Hang them on your Christmas tree or display them around your home as a festive and heartwarming decoration.

This personalized touch will add some oomph to your holiday decor and help you properly celebrate your special bond with your dog. Your ornaments are sure to become treasured keepsakes that you can cherish for years.

Cherishing Holiday Moments with Your Furry Pal

As you hang up your stockings and light your tree, take a moment to appreciate the joy and companionship your beloved canine friend brings into your life. Together, you and your dog can create new traditions and experience the season’s magic in a genuinely paw-some way.

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