7 Small Changes That Make a Big Difference In the Home

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There are plenty of ways to change the atmosphere and style of your home. Indeed, you can change everything about your home if you wish. Only there’s a catch: to do this will require plenty of cash, and you’ll also need to put up with the inconvenience that goes along with big jobs happening in the home. So perhaps that’s not an option. But good news: this doesn’t mean you just have to accept your home as it is. There are things you can that take barely any time at all, but which can make a difference to your home. We take a look at seven such changes below.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Works of Art

It’s inexplicable why more people don’t hang artwork in their home. It can transform a room just by its presence, and it’s not like they have to be expensive. So long as it’s original (copies from large decor stores aren’t recommended), it doesn’t matter how much it costs. There are some rules when it comes to buying art for the home that you should know about, but overall, it’s a stress-free way to add some sparkling colour to your property in no time.

Tidying Up The Front

Everyone’s pretty handy at making sure the interior of their home is kept tidy and stylish, but when it comes to the exterior of their house, they’re weirdly lax. Sure, you might not be staring at the front of your house all that much, but you still see it multiple times a day, other people see it all the time (often all they see of your home), and in any case, it sets the tone for the rest of your property. Work on keeping the hedge and other plants well-maintained, keep any debris away, and it’ll be that little bit improved.

Door Touches

There’s an aspect of your home that’s almost entirely overlooked, yet often has a bigger impact than you might think on the overall feel of your property. We’re talking about your doors. They might seem like a small detail, but as with most things, it’s the small details that make the biggest difference. And the good news is that you can liven up these essential components of your property in no time. For your interior doors, take a look at Todd Doors, and give them a touch a style. For your front door, you might want to consider changing it to a bolder colour.

Lights. Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

Change the Lighting

You can experience a room ten different ways, just by changing the lighting. If you had any doubt about how much of an impact lighting can have on an area, just take a look at how it can alter how a person looks. Now imagine the impact similar differences would have on a room.

Rearrange the Furniture

They say that if you have a work of art in your house (which, if you’ve taken all of our advice so far, you will), then you should change the location every few months or so. If you don’t, you’ll walk past it without looking at it. All the magic of the piece will be lost. The same, to a lesser degree, can be said of your furniture. You’ll get so used to where everything is that the room will feel tired. As such, it’s worthwhile rearranging the furniture, and breathing some life into your rooms. You might just find that it feels like you have a whole new furniture set, just because you moved things around a little.

Plant on shelf 


We might live in a world that prefers to shut out the outside world, and stay inside in our warm, technology-driven properties, but no-one says you need to live by the rules that the world has set. If you haven’t yet got any houseplants in your property, then look at adding a few. They can make a world of difference, both to the aesthetic look of your home and its air quality. It’ll also bring another gift, too: it’ll give your mood a boost. Just because around plants does something to our brains that makes them happier. Nice!

Tidy Up!

Finally, how about the simplest act of all, tidying up? Everyone knows how good a room can feel after they’ve put some time into making it look presentable. Give your home a deep clean, and that feeling will only be intensified. If need be, get rid of some clutter, too – your home is going to look more beautiful if you can see it in all its glory!

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