7 Things That Should Get Into Your Monthly Cleaning Routine

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If you want to build an effective, hygiene, and health-conscious monthly cleaning routine that encompasses all areas of your home or commercial space, read on! This is the perfect guide for you. We have selected 7 areas of the utmost importance for your monthly clean that will ensure your building is approachable, well-maintained, and a safe space for your wellbeing.

These areas include window, rug and carpet, bathroom and fridge cleaning, as well as dusting, decluttering, and air conditioning unit management.

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Window Cleaning

Let’s start with a person’s first impression of your home or business premises. When approaching the building, the windows will be one of the first things a friend, family member, or client will see. You want the facade of your building to reflect the clean, well-organized, and tidy interior.

Having your windows regularly cleaned will keep your building looking fresh and maintained. What’s more, this practice will maximize the natural light inside. You do not want to have murky, stained windows obstructing the sunlight from entering the building. It is amazing how much natural light can benefit health and wellbeing, so keep those windows clean!

Rug and Carpet Cleaning

Once inside the home, you want everyone to see how well-maintained the interior is. According to the people behind NYC Steam Cleaning Westchester County, any rugs or carpets that you own will become faded and dusty over time, especially if this is a building where people always have shoes on inside. So, contact a professional for thorough cleaning of all carpeting and rugs in your home or commercial space. Keep on top of grime and prevent the build-up of unhygienic particles inside by adding this to your monthly routine.

Deep Clean Bathrooms

This one is obvious but has to be included. To keep your home or commercial space as fresh, hygienic, and health-conscious as possible, keep the bathrooms clean. This includes mopping floors, polishing mirrors, bleaching toilets, clearing plug holes, and sanitizing door knobs, flush buttons, and any other surface in the room. Keep germs at bay with a regular bathroom cleaning routine.

Empty Out The Fridge

If the space in question has a kitchen area, this step is a must. Your fridge is where you keep the food that you are going to consume, so why would you want it to be unhygienic? It is surprising how often fridges go uncleaned, with some people only cleaning them when they move in and out of a building.

It is a good habit to empty the fridge once a month and deep clean the inside. This keeps the shelves and fridge door bacteria and stain-free, while also providing an excellent opportunity to throw out old food items that have been sitting for too long. Do you have a mystery open jar at the back of the fridge that nobody has touched in weeks? Bin it!

Regular Dusting

Your monthly cleaning routine should always include a mandatory dusting session of the entire home or commercial space. Dust is easy to overlook and dusting is not a fun job, but this is an important step to keep your home or workplace looking welcoming, clean and sharp.

Moreover, dust can lead to symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and sore eyes if left for too long. To avoid this irritation to your eyes and respiratory system, keep on top of your dusting. You can hire a cleaner to undergo this work if you have a lot of space to cover or lots of high shelving and cabinets that are hard to reach without the right equipment.

Monthly Declutter

When you are cleaning your home or commercial space, it can become apparent which areas of the building are becoming over-crowded or a dumping ground for unused items. If you can identify an area where there is a build-up of clutter, make it your mission each month to throw out or donate items that are no longer in use or wanted.

If you find that the clutter is made up of items that cannot be disposed of, such as important documents or treasured memories, then you should find a more appropriate storage solution for them. If you keep this in mind each month as you do your cleaning routine, you should find that once on top of the clutter, you can prevent it from building up again.

If you want to make an area of your home or office more usable, follow these tips: if something is in sight it is in mind, and therefore will not be forgotten; decorate a space in colors that are pleasing to you; try to fill the space with natural light. If you keep these tips in mind as you declutter, you will find you can maximize the usable space in your home or office.

Fan Blades and Air Conditioning Units

Another key area for cleaning that often is ignored or overlooked is the dust and dry skin particles that build up on fan blades and inside air conditioning units. These particles can lead to unhealthy air quality in the home or office and lead to people experiencing heightened allergies or asthma.

The best way to tackle this is by adding a deep clean of all fans and air con units to your monthly cleaning routine. You can do this yourself or hire professional cleaning help if you are unsure how to tackle an air conditioning unit yourself. You can also find useful videos on YouTube that will instruct you on how best to clean a unit effectively.

cleaning products ecofriendly

This guide to 7 things you should definitely add to your monthly cleaning routine should have inspired you to take positive action and get on top of dirt, clutter, and germs in your home or commercial space. Not only for the overall appearance of the building but also for the usability of the space and the well-being of those who use it, these 7 areas are very important.

Making a monthly cleaning routine is a great way to keep on top of a mess. And remember, you do not need to do all of the work yourself. Hire professional help to get the job done right!

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