7 Tips For A Gorgeous Smile


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Dental hygiene is important – especially if you have small children and you are their example as a parent! I grew up with a generation who already got their dental hygiene education early, in primary school and both my parents put a lot of pressure on that. I had dental check ups every 6 months and the good habits stuck with me for life. One thing I regret and I will probably give it another go, because it’s apparently never too late: braces. I can just get a free dental consultation and sort it out. I used to have a version of it which you I only had to wear at night time but it was really uncomfortable and even though I used them for years – my front teeth still found the way to move back to where they were before the brace after stopped using the night time brace. Now I know of course that I should have opted for the regular, fitted brace – but tell that to a self-conscious thirteen-year-old struggling with her appearance anyway. And in those days, it was not really common. Now I regret it, of course. 

There are however some things which have helped me to keep my a healthy smile: luckily I never have had too much trouble with my teeth. So I have some tips which are worked for me – it’s always good to keep them in mind!

7 Tips For A Gorgeous Smile

1 No smoking, no coffee, no red wine

I do drink coffee, but I use a bamboo straw at home to drink it, which helps to avoid stains. Giving up smoking is good for your health anyway. I’m not a fan of red wine, but if you are, drink it with your food and brush your teeth after eating. Alternatively, use a straw or switch to rose wine.

2 Avoid sugar and acidic food

Skipping refined sugar – again, that’s good for you, all refined sugars should be avoided really. Fizzy drinks are quite highly acidic for example and so are squashes, cordials. Whilst fruit juices have their benefits, they are high in both fruit sugar and acid. Eating the whole fruit though, helps to protect the enamel and preventing bacteria.  

3 Regular check-ups

These are essential and although they seem useless, they are not: the clean they perform during the visit is very important and thoroughly and they also check for signs of cavities plaque buildup – which they can then remove.


4 Self check ups

Do not overlook signs of bleeding gums after brushing your teeth or just a little pain. They need to be assessed and treated, so better to worry than sorry!

5 Brush at least twice a day

Or even better after every meal. Two-three minutes is the minimum and brush it thoroughly. Don’t neglect flossing either.

6 reduce snacking between meals

This is once of the worst offenders of your heathy smile – and you health overall! Keep eating all day keeps your teeth covered in food, literally. Even if you treat yourself to a sweet snack or dessert – eat it straight after your main meal and brush your teeth.

7 Teeth are for chewing your food

Never use your teeth to open bottles, crack a nut open, even to bite a piece of cello tape off. You can get yourself an injury very easily and also a dental bill!


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