7 Tips For Setting Up The Perfect Fishing Day

log cabin hut lake

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Going fishing is one of life’s true joys. There’s nothing better than getting away from it all for a day and simply spending time outside on a lake or the open ocean. 

But arranging the perfect fishing day isn’t as easy as you might think. While it’s a lot of fun to go fishing, making sure that everything comes together beautifully is anything but easy. 

Fortunately, this post is here to help. We explore some tips for planning your perfect trip, either alone, or with your buddies, so you can have a whale of a time.

log cabin hut lake

Plan Your Fishing Goals

Spending all day relaxing on a lake is a great experience by itself (and something that everyone should enjoy at least once in their life). But when you go fishing, you want to have a goal in mind. Simply hanging around, waiting for a bite, isn’t most angler’s idea of a productive day on the boat. 

Think about what you want to do in advance. Are you looking for big fish so you can take photos for your Instagram account? Or are you hunting for smaller fish, like trout, that you later eat? 

The goal you set will determine where you go on your fishing trip. Different lakes and coastal areas offer different types of fish to catch. They also determine your chances of success. You might get lucky in a bad spot, but that’s rare. Go to places that are off the beaten track where possible. 

Check The Weather In Advance

If you live in a tropical area, all-day rain isn’t such a big deal for you personally. But it will still affect the behaviour of fish. Rain hitting the water may actually scare fish away and make bites more likely. 

Sunny days are problematic, too. If fish can see structures above the water, such as you, your rod, or your boat, they may get scared and won’t take the bait. Ideally, you want to go on an overcast day since this offers the optimal balance of conditions that give fish confidence. 

If you live in a cold temperate region, you’ll also want to avoid rainy days. Soggy, cold clothing and a soaking wet boat can wreck even the more productive of angling adventures. There’s nothing worse than sitting around in wet clothes all day, wishing that you were indoors. 

Move Your Boat Sparingly

If you’re using a boat to fish, move it sparingly. Cranking up the motor every five minutes will scare fish away and make it much less likely that they will take the bait. 

Before you set off, choose your fishing spot carefully. Go to areas that are most likely to yield results. If you can, paddle your boat to the intended destination and then sit quietly, waiting for a bite. 

If you’re not getting any bites in your present location, be patient. Try casting your line on different sides of the boat, or perhaps even use multiple fishing rods to increase the likelihood of a bite. Don’t fall into the trap of moving on and missing an opportunity. 


Bring The Right Gear

Like it or not, a great day of fishing also depends on having the right gear. Brands, like Salty Crew, recommend that you bring clothing that’s appropriate for the weather you’re likely to encounter. On hot days, you want a big hat, shorts and, preferably, waterproof shoes. Then when the weather turns cold, you want thick fleeces, gilets, and beanies. 

You’ll also want to carefully select your tackle for the day. The items you choose will vary considerably depending on when and where you go. Certain types of bait are better for some fish than others. You’ll also want to select the right rod, reel, and flies. Each choice can increase or decrease your likelihood of making a catch. 

Take plenty of gear with you so that you can experiment while you fish. If one strategy isn’t working, then you can always try another. 

Also, make sure that you take your polarised glasses with you. Polarisation lets you see deeper into the water (by filtering out the water’s reflection), allowing you to see any fish that might be hiding down there. 

Consider Who You’ll Invite On The Trip

You’ll also want to think carefully about who you want to come with you. The human element of any fishing trip is just as important as the gear, if not more so. 

Some people prefer solo fishing trips. These give you time to be by yourself, get out into nature, and avoid the incessant noise that comes with constantly being around other people. 

The other option is to treat the fishing trip as a social occasion. You might want to go with a group of old friends, your children, or your spouse.

Think about how many people you’ll bring with you ahead of time so that you can effectively plan the day. You’ll want to think about things like food, the boat you’ll need, and where you’ll go. 

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Pick A Beautiful Location

Beautiful locations aren’t always the most productive, but they are special. When you visit them, you feel awe-inspired and more at peace. 

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of beautiful environments, particularly if you live outside of the city. Most states offer numerous national parks featuring lakes, lagoons, stunning mountains, forests, and wildlife. It’s just a question of seeking it out and living it. 

Take Your Favourite Food With You

If you’re going to be on the lake all day, you’ll need to take some delicious food with you to keep you going. Unless you like camping food, you’ll want something special to make the day worthwhile. Why not bring all the things you need for a BBQ? Pack some delicious snacks too that can cope with exposure to the elements.


Setting up the perfect fishing day is possible, but it just requires a little planning and foresight. If you can get the majority of the work done the day before, you can set off early in the morning and make the most of daylight hours. 

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