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7 Ways The Brain Can Be Affected By Marijuana

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Most people see marijuana as a drug that is not that harmful. However, many scientists have devoted themselves to studying the effect of this psychoactive substance on the human brain.

There is often a modification to the reward system of the brain, however there are also enhanced chances of developing psychosis, and the scrambling of neuron signals. These are just a few ways the human brain can be affected by this substance.

A psychiatry expert indicated that the most common and challenging risk that marijuana usage poses to the brain is the “enhanced psychosis risk”.

For teenagers who use marijuana, another major way that this substance may affect their brain is the possibility that they may experience a drop in their IQ. The psychiatry expert did not hold back in stating that younger people who are the most vulnerable to an IQ drop when as a result of using marijuana.

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Here are 7 ways the human brain can be affected by marijuana:

  • ENHANCED PSYCHOSIS RISK: As stated earlier, several studies indicate that this is the most significant risk that marijuana usage poses. This means that people who use the drug will most likely suffer from paranoia and hallucinations. It also implies that are more likely to lose touch with their immediate environment. They were able to discover that marijuana usage often causes mental health issues such as schizophrenia. Visit Berkshirecbd to learn more.
  • THE EFFECT OF MARIJUANA ON IQ: As stated above, this is often more of a threat to young people, especially teenagers. The challenge is that they may not even be able to notice this effect until they are much older. A study was conducted on the IQ of 1,000 marijuana users in New Zealand. Their IQs were tested at the age of 13 and then at 38. Teens who smoked marijuana often experienced an 8-point drop in their IQs.
  • THE CONNECTIVITY AND SIZE OF THE BRAIN: Studies also indicated that marijuana users may experience a change in the size of their brain after many years of use. They also discovered a smaller gray matter volume on the orbitofrontal cortex of the brain of marijuana users. However, the studies also indicated that chronic marijuana users experienced greater brain connectivity.
  • MODIFYING THE REWARD SYSTEM OF THE BRAIN: Studies indicate that marijuana affects the reward system of the brain. This means that the brains of marijuana users often respond better when marijuana is used as a reward for a task than when other natural substances are used as a reward for the same task.
  • INCREASED NEURAL NOISE LEVELS: Studies also indicate that users of marijuana may experience enhanced neural noise levels. This is because of the psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) compound found in the substance.
  • THE HUMAN BRAIN AND MUNCHIES: This simply means that people who use marijuana will most likely feel hungry more often. This is because marijuana affects the neurons that help in suppressing appetite.
  • MARIJUANA AND THE BRAIN OF TEENAGERS: Studies show that the effect of marijuana on teenagers’ brains is quite different to its effect in adults. These effects, however, may vary depending on the genetics of the user.

In conclusion, marijuana does have significant effects on the human brain. Hence, it’s important to be careful when using this substance.

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