7 Ways To Contain Clutter In Your Living Room

wooden floor living room

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Living rooms can accumulate all kinds of clutter ranging from kids’ toys to DVDs. To maintain a relaxing environment and to make sure that your living room is presentable for guests, it’s important to find a way of containing this clutter. This post lists a few different solutions for helping to contain clutter in your living room.

wooden floor living room

Swap your TV stand for a cube storage unit

Many TV stands don’t offer much in the way of storage. Placing your TV on a cube storage unit could provide lots of space beneath for storing various items from gaming accessories to paperwork. These units contain a series of cube-shaped holes – these can be used as shelves, or you can add small boxes to each one that can be pulled out like drawers.

Add some shelves above your sofa

Got an empty wall above your sofa? This could be a great place to add some extra shelving. This could be anything from a single floating shelf to a shelving unit.

Buy a coffee table with storage space beneath

Some coffee tables are simply tables with a tabletop and four legs. Others may have shelves or drawers beneath. These could be useful for placing items like remotes, books and letters so that they’re not cluttering up the tabletop. 

Use an antique wooden chest as a coffee table

Instead of using a traditional coffee table, some people use a wooden chest. You can place drinks on this or prop your feet on it, while also using the inside to store all forms of living room clutter. Chests are particularly great for keeping toys tidied away. An antique wooden chest could make for a nice statement piece. 

Consider an ottoman for storage and extra seating

Ottomans such as these Adairs ottomans can be useful multi-purpose items of furniture. They can serve as a footstool or even an extra seat if you have guests around. At the same time, many have storage space inside for living room clutter. Ottomans can be bought as part of sofa suites or bought separately (consider looking for one that matches the style of other furniture in the room).

Add shelving units to unused corners

It may be possible to squeeze a storage unit into a spare corner of your living room. Column storage units are ideal for this purpose. Alternatively, you could add floating shelves to the corner or even install a custom shelving unit to fit snugly into the space.

Invest in a sofa with in-built storage

There are many sofas that you can buy that have in-built compartments for storing items. These compartments could be underneath the sofa cushions or even in the armrest. If you’ve been thinking of getting a new sofa, consider whether it could be worth buying one of these designs. The drawback of storage sofas is that you may have a limited number of styles to choose from. You also generally have to choose between a storage sofa and a sofa bed. Check out a few different styles of storage sofa here at Living Cozy.

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