8 Décor Changes That Will Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Over the last few years, more and more of us have looked for ways to become more environmentally friendly. This has included things like eating less meat, changing shopping habits, buying fewer single-use items, and being more aware of our energy usage. This year, however, even more of us are looking to reduce energy usage and be more efficient with the energy we do use, as energy costs rise, and we look for ways to save money. Things like changing energy suppliers and using heating less are the first things that we think of, but actually, smaller changes to your décor and the layout of your home can have a big impact on your energy efficiency.

i8 Décor Changes That Will Make Your Home More Energy Efficient - interior room chairs conservatory

Windows and Doors

A lot of the heat that you lose from your home goes out of the windows and doors. Getting into good habits, like closing doors and curtains will make a big difference. But if your windows and external doors are old or damaged, or the seals are coming away, they’ll need to be repaired or replaced for the biggest impact, in which case, consider installing black steel doors for external use.

Internal Doors

Your external doors play a big part in keeping warm air in and cold air out, but that doesn’t mean that the internal doors aren’t important. The interior of your home contains many different doors to separate rooms and spaces. Keeping these closed helps to trap warm air in the areas of your home you need it. Older, thin, poorly made, or damaged doors won’t be as effective as they should be. Take a look at these interior door styles if you are ready for an upgrade.


Thicker curtains help to reduce energy wastage. They can also help you to create cosier rooms and a more comforting atmosphere. Make sure your curtains are heavy, and if possible, reach the floor.

Draught Excluders

Even the best doors let in a little draught. Adding even simple homemade draught excluders can help to keep this cool air out.

Blankets and Throws

Blankets and throws create a warmer atmosphere and give you ways to wrap up and keep warm even on the coldest days.


Thick rugs add warmth to your floors and improve the atmosphere in your rooms. If you have wooden floors, a thick area rug could be the best option.

Soft Lighting

Soft lighting creates a warmer atmosphere, but for energy efficiency, it’s important that you invest in energy-efficient options like LED bulbs and energy savers.

Move Your Furniture

If your sofa and other seating options are near doors and windows, you might be sitting in colder parts of your rooms, meaning that you need the heating on more. On the other hand, if large pieces like sofas, bookshelves and TV units are next to radiators, they’ll be blocking and absorbing heat, stopping it from circulating around your home. Move furniture away from walls and radiators to improve circulation and create a more even temperature.

There are many different reasons why it’s worth creating a more energy-efficient home. It’s great for the planet, it can reduce your energy bills and limit wastage, and it means that your home is warmer, you make your home more energy efficient, and your family is more comfortable.

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