8 Reasons Why You Need A Smart Alarm System


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Motivation for someone looking to commit a crime such as burglary consists of an opportunity, target and the absence of a guardian. But there are additional mistakes we can all make: leaving doors or windows unlocked, our home appears to be  unattended, even announce it on social media that were away from our home, leaving valuables lying around, having a poor lighting around and on the property, having doors and windows which expose a security issue and need to be fixed or replaced – just to mention a few. And even if you lock your doors, it doesn’t mean you’re safe from intruders or other various household dangers. And to be honest, the area where you live has little to do with how likely is to get burgled. 

An alarm, especially a smart alarm system can prevent this. Long gone the days of the burglar alarms. For decades, it served well as it was the best available. In the past few years this seems to be changing thanks to the latest, cutting edge, smart technologies. All our devices are now interlinked via wi-fi, so there is no difference in case of our home alarm system either. With the help of our phone or tablet 24/7 home monitoring is possible and a home security system can be installed on them (so your gadget will become your remote control) with a help of an app. How does it work? Smart home security systems are driven by a central hub that is connected to the web, which then wirelessly connects to and communicates with the app and the other parts of the smart system.

Here’s why you need one.


Piece of mind

This is an important point, especially if you have a family, like me. Did you know that even an siren box outside the house, placed on the wall can prevent burglaries? With smart alarm systems, compared to do traditional alarm systems you have all the alert is being sent straight to your device (and you also have the chance to check what is happening).

You are in charge

You choose the parts of the system: add shock detection, perimeter protection, IP cameras, alarm containing movement detectors and shock sensors to detect hammer blows and vibrations, as well as the opening and closing of doors and windows. And the most important thing is that only people whom you absolutely trust should have access to the installed alarm system. 

It makes life easier

Being able to control your alarm system from your smart phone  is already convenient enough, but you can also integrate it.  Add more devices to the system: both mummy’s and daddy’s phone, a tablet in case your phone is out of battery or you can even integrate your lighting and heating control. Or even your door locks!


It’s affordable

Especially if you compare it to the price people had to fork out not long ago for creating a video monitor based home security system, which was also Internet connected. Nowadays, all you have to do is to simply install some affordable wireless sensors and connect it to a motion sensor camera. 

Easy to install

Wireless alarm systems are perfect if you don’t have a pre-installed security system because there is no installation work is needed. So you don’t need a specialist for this.

Control from anywhere

Literally, you can control the smart systems from the other end of the world and at any time of the day. As long as you are connect your remote device is connected to the Internet. With the new technology it’s possible to programme the lights and other appliances to switch on and off at certain times – giving the impression that some is at home. (Most burglars don’t just pick a house randomly, but they watch the property.)

Better safe than sorry

Good old saying, but it’s so true isn’t it? The statistics are looking grim. Yet only less than 1/4 of us in the UK have a burglar or security alarm protecting their property and family. And it’s not just about the loss of physical belongings. The disruption caused by a burglary can dramatically affect people from being shocked and worried to feeling insecure in their own home. It can trigger anxiety and panic attacks.

It can even save you money

Apart from the obvious reason of not loosing belongings to a burglar, there are other reasons like some insurance companies offer discounts if you can show that your property is being monitored by an alarm system. 


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