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8 Things To Consider Before Planning Your Travel Budget

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You have been trying hard to make a decision for travel from so long, and finally it is going to happen. So, are you excited? Travelling is of course a fun and a memorable thing one can do. It refreshes your mind and soul, and pumps you energy for a new start in life. However, not everyone has huge money to spend on travel. So, what can they do? Well, when planning is done right, then one can have a memorable trip even with a limited budget. In this piece of content, we shall check out some tips for a great budget travel trip.

8 Things To Consider Before Planning Your Travel Budget

1 Choose your destination

The first and foremost thing is to decide on a destination. You need to consider the distance from your place, climate of the area, and such factors before making a final decision. If you are going on a trip for the first time, try not to make it a chaos. Choose a destination which can be reached easily from your place and takes less time for travel. A lot of times, people just pick a destination without thinking about these factors and that results in the worst decisions of their life. With Jettly, you can tap into the Expedia of pretty much every global airline and choose a destination.

2 Estimate your budget

Once you have carefully chosen the destination, the next step is making budget estimation. It depends on the destination you have chosen. For instance, if the destination is too far from your place, then you will have to spend a lot on transportation. If the destination is not so far, then your travel budget can get lighter. Even the type of accommodation determines the budget.


3 Mode of transportation

Never assume that flight is the most expensive mode of travel. If you book in advance, you can come across cheap flight tickets for your trip. Usually, there should be a 50 to 60 days of time gap between the date of booking and date of travelling. The lesser the time, the more expensive your ticket becomes. Another tip while booking flights is to do through an incognito window, there are chances that you can grab the best deal. You can compare the transportation costs of flights with that of train or bus, and then make a sound destination based on whichever is less.

4 Choose your accommodation

There are many travellers who do not focus on the accommodation, which makes their trip a bad experience. One of the major aspects of a vacation is selecting the most comfortable accommodation. Nowadays, every place has variety of options to choose from. There are five star resorts to luxury hotels, 4 star hotels and excellent resorts, and even budget 3 star hotels and economic home stays to choose from. When you have a limit on your spending, then it is better to go with 3 star accommodations and home stays. This way, you can pay less but get a good experience in return.

Budget accommodations offer you every basic necessity required for your travel. They will provide you a bed, hot water service, room service, television, toiletries, safety, and overall a memorable trip. Some of them might even offer you free Wi-Fi, restaurant, pool and spa, and sightseeing services too. You need to research well, and then make your choices so that you have a great experience.

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5 Budget on your shopping

It is understandable that every new place has something special for its visitors. However, you should also understand that you are on a budget. You should keep a limit on your shopping spree whenever you are travelling. Purchase those items only which cannot be found in other places. For instance, tea and spices from hill stations, sea shells from beaches, and such tiny souvenirs.  If you buy more, it takes a toll on your wallets and also will give you a load on your shoulders. The less you shop, the better it is.

A smart tip is to explore the new place, cherish the special moments, make precious memories, and live every second of your trip as nobody is watching you. Hence, spending hard-earned money on the things that can get elsewhere is not a wise decision that travellers should note.

6 Budget on sightseeing and food

You are travelling to discover a new place, experience a new culture, and these can become the treasured memories of your trip. You can spend on sightseeing as the main purpose of your trip is to check out every small and big space of the area. However, there are options to choose from here too. For instance, you can hire an AC car or you can go on a sharing bus to see the entire place. For a budget travel, you need to hop on a sharing vehicle as that will be a cheap on your pocket.

Coming to food, it depends on you. Try to taste the local cuisine of the place, and make sure you are not filling your stomach with heavy food. This will make you uneasy while travelling around. Always keep in mind that you should eat light when you are travelling all day. Choose local restaurants where you can taste the delicious flavours and pay reasonable cost.

7 Budget to experience activities around tourist places

Most of the tourist places have some amazing activities that travellers should attempt. For instance, there are water sports in beach areas, touring spice villages in lush greenery regions, small trip to tea plantations in hill stations, and so on. You cannot miss out all these special activities in the tourist places. Without these activities, your trip will be incomplete as they hold the essence of the place and you need to get closer to them. So, it is completely okay if you are spending on these treasured activities.

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8 Budget for purchasing travel insurance

This is a tricky part. Usually, the budget travellers wander around freely and so there is no requirement of travel insurance. If you have a limited budget, then you need to travel light with basic things only. Do not keep expensive items in your bag. Have limited cash, and a pair of clothes, and copy of your identity proofs while travelling – these are enough for a safe travel. On the other hand, if you are travelling far away, especially to another country, then it is better to have travel insurance with you. Although there are fewer probabilities of losing your luggage, you can still be tension free when you have it. You can browse online and check out the types of travel insurance available. Pick the affordable one and have a risk free trip.


Now you know the steps to plan a trip on budget and the tips to apply. So, make sure you remember all the above mentioned points and do not miss out on any. This way, you will have a wonderful experience which is of course stress free and completely safe. Share these tips with your friends and family members as well, as we want everyone to have a great trip ahead. Use your conscience and plan your budget trip to any of the beautiful locations of the world. Do not miss any chance to travel, as life is short and the world is big.


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