8 Top Tips For Moving House

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House removal can be stressful but you don’t have to worry unnecessarily. The most important thing is that you stay relatively calm. When stressed people trying to coordinate a large-scale packing operation, a number of things can go wrong. But let’s focus on the positives: at the end of the removal you will enjoy your new property, hopefully for the years to come. If you’re buying a new property leaving another one empty, you might want to have a read on how to avoid paying council tax on empty properties

So let’s go through these top tips, to help you through the process.

8 top tips for moving house

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1. Start packing early 

The sooner you start the more likely to be finished with everything on time. It’s not a simple task – so make a plan and notes what goes where. Start with the items that you don’t regularly use or with rooms that you don’t frequent. 

2. Declutter as you go

Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted stuff, you will definitely come across quite a few items you haven’t used in ages and probably you won’t use again. Give them away, recycle them or sell them. 

3. Get a quote in time

Getting moving quotes from removal companies online takes no time, but it’s important to provide enough time before your preferred moving date.

4. First day in the new house box

Pack a box separately with the things you will need first thing arriving to your new home: coffee, a couple of mugs, bin bags, basic cleaning kit, toilet paper, etc. Also pack an overnight bag for every family member with 2 sets of clothes, toiletries and other basics.

5. Only deal one room at the time

This saves a lot of energy on trying to find things and makes labelling easier too. It will easier to tell the movers which room they should put the boxes.

6. Labelling 

Label everything you can. You think, you’ll remember, but you won’t. As I said it above you can direct the movers easier and you can avoid wasting time for searching for certain items. Write on the sides of the boxes, so it will be easier to recognise them if they’re are stacked. 

7. Consider getting the movers do the packing

It doesn’t cost much more, but they can do it a lot quicker. However, all the decluttering and getting rid of unwanted stuff is still your job.

8. Designate one room for the boxes.    

All the boxes with not so urgent things like books or ornaments can go into a spare room. Start with the important boxes and leave these as last. They can be also out of sight behind a closed door this way, which will help to reduce stress levels.


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