9 Essential Tips for First-Time Travellers Visiting the Oregon Coast

oregon coast USA

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The Oregon coast is a great place to visit to witness rocky beaches, pristine forests, tide pools, and the great Spouting Horn. This 363-mile coastal area is riddled with amazing destinations and great accommodations. If you are planning a trip to the Oregon Coast for the first time the following are 9 tips to ensure a pleasant vacation.

oregon coast USA

Bring a Sturdy Pair of Hiking Boots

The Oregon coastal areas are riddled with rocky beaches with small hills and rough terrain. If you want to go exploring or go camping in the woods, then packing a pair of hiking boots is a must. Even if you want to stick to the beaches, it makes to pack sturdy boots. That way exploring tide pools and rocky outcrops surrounding the beaches become a whole lot safer.

You Should Always Carry a Jacket (Even During Summer)

It’s advisable to carry a jacket or a windbreaker even during peak summer times in Oregon coast. The coast is considerably cooler than the inland and it often gets chilly, be it daytime or night. Also, the beaches are almost always windy so a windbreaker can keep you nice and warm.

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September, November, and May are the Best Months to Visit Oregon Coast

September is a great month to visit Oregon coast because there is little chance or rain during that time. You can even visit Oregon coast if you can make it within the mid of October. However, there is a high chance of rain if you visit during the last week of October.

Another great time to visit Oregon is during May. It’s the season of flowers and colors as the forests surrounding the coast looks even more beautiful than usual. It’s also drier than April, so if you are wondering about April or May, then choose May. However, keep in mind that there can still be some rain, so you need to carry a rainproof jacket.

November is the best month if you are looking for a deal. Hotels and campgrounds have cheaper rates and there is less crowd. The weather is also less windy but expect the occasional shower.

Escape the Crowd by Staying at a Campground

If you want to experience the forests near Oregon coast, then camping is the best way to go. Oregon coast camping also allows you to stay clear of the touristy and crowded areas. A lot of these campgrounds are located near the beach and some of them offer great views of the Dune lake. If you want to travel with your dog, then camping is a great option as a lot of these grounds a pet friendly.

If Possible, Get There by Road

Flights are always faster, but when you get to your Oregon coast destination by road, you get to travel through the scenic coastal route. You will pass beautiful tunnels, road-hugging forests, and postcard-worthy beaches on your way. Cannon beach, Astoria, and the Three Capes Scenic Loop are definitely places where would want to stop on your way to your destination.

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Always Check the Tide Tables

Different locations are best viewed during different tidal conditions. For example, if you want to experience a barren beach or visit a tide pool then low tides are your friend. Other places like the Spouting horn is best viewed during high tide. Check the tide tables to find out the timings of low and high tides based on when you are visiting Oregon coast.

Carry Chapstick

As mentioned before, the Oregon Coast is generally pretty windy. This means your body will lose moisture faster than usual. Carry sufficient quantities of lotion and chapstick to be safe.

Don’t Try to Pet an Elk

Elks are a common sight when visiting the campgrounds and they can also be seen on the roads. Whenever you do come across one be sure to maintain a fair distance. Elks are not skittish like deer and they are known to stand their ground even when approached by humans. While they are majestic, they are also very powerful animals and they can easily injure you.

Visit the Tillamook Creamery

There is no point in covering the best beach locations in Oregon coast. There are plenty of them and they are picturesque, to say the least. However, if you want to cleanse your palate from all the beachfront activities and camping, then visit the Tillamook Creamery. They have guided tours of the factory where you can check out the cow milking machines and the entire process of creating dairy products. They also allow cheese tasting and have a food court. Be warned though, the Tillamook Creamery can get a bit crowded during peak holiday seasons.

9 Essential Tips for First-Time Travellers Visiting the Oregon Coast

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