9 Fashion Tips Moms Can Learn from Daughters (and Vice Versa!)

mum and daughter

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For mothers and daughters, figuring out each other’s fashion sense is a fantastic way to bond and learn from each other. Moms can share classic and timeless lessons about dressing up for various occasions, while daughters can share more up-to-date styling tips to add some interesting twists to their parents’ usual styles.

Whether you’re privileged to be the mom of a bright young daughter or the child of a stylish and open-minded mom, this article is made for you. Here are some styling tips that can help readers from both generations enhance their fashion game while strengthening their exceptional mother-daughter bond.

mum and daughter

1) Transform an Outfit with Accessories

The right accessories can truly transform an outfit from humdrum into something that’s worth a second look. A simple white T-shirt and jeans outfit, for example—which is a classic outfit choice for women of all ages—can take on a totally different flavor with certain statement accessories.

Daughters, introduce your moms to the art of mixing and matching accessories like bib necklaces, scarves, and belts. These little details can make a world of difference to the outfits they wear for errands or laid-back social gatherings.

Moms, it’s never too soon to share the magic of heirloom jewelry and accessories with your daughters. Share the stories behind these timeless pieces and teach your daughters how to incorporate them into modern looks.

2) Embrace Comfort and Confidence, No Matter What You Wear

For everyday wear, comfort should be anyone’s top priority. Kids can show their moms how to effortlessly pull off more comfortable clothing outside their style comfort zones, like athleisure outfits. A pair of comfy, retro-inspired vintage-style sneakers would make an excellent next birthday gift. Comfort is important when it comes to selecting what you wear beneath a stylish dress or a trendy outfit. Garments in direct contact with your skin should prioritize comfort, as any discomfort related to underwear or a bra can easily distract you from enjoying your time. Mothers and daughters can be valuable resources for each other in discovering various types of bras, socks, and underwear, sharing their experiences along the way. It’s essential to understand the distinctions between options like hipster vs. bikini underwear or a sports bra vs balconet, as these choices can significantly impact your overall comfort and confidence.

Mothers can remind their daughters of the value of confidence and being settled into one’s skin. That, among other things, is the ultimate style statement. 

3) Layer for Interest and Functionality

Layering will add both depth and style to an outfit, a secret that both moms and their daughters may already know. A daughter can encourage her mom to experiment with this versatile technique in new ways, like by wearing denim leggings with a layered top. In contrast, a mother can demonstrate the beauty of using classic layering techniques for different occasions—a skill she’s likely mastered over time.  

4) Play with Patterns

One of the most challenging elements to style is the pattern, especially when it’s being mixed with another. Daughters who love pulling off multi-patterned looks can show their moms how to mix bold patterns and experiment with print-on-print styling, all towards achieving a fresh and contemporary look. Similarly, moms can share the charm of subtle patterns and the timeless sophistication of monochrome outfits with their daughters.

5) Choose to Be Sustainable

Trends that involve caring for the environment may have differed across generations, but there’s no reason both moms and daughters can take on a more sustainable approach to their clothing. As a daughter, educate your mom about modern fashion choices that are also sustainable, from eco-friendly fabrics to ethical brands.

As a mom, on the other hand, be sure to share your love for vintage pieces and teach your daughter how to care for these timeless treasures. The value of reusing vintage clothes and the ability to extend their service life will prove to be good lessons in sustainability to a daughter of any age.

6) Mix High and Casual Fashion

 Outfits are traditionally classified into either high fashion or casual fashion, and most women grow up thinking the two shouldn’t cross. These days, however, contemporary fashion embraces combinations of high-end and so-called “low” fashion. One lesson moms and daughters can learn together is the value of expressing one’s individuality, no matter the price tag. 

Show your mom how to mix high-end and affordable fashion pieces for a balanced wardrobe that culls from the best of both worlds. On the flip side, share the joy of investing in quality pieces with your daughter. Explain how these investments pay off in the long run and how they can be worn both on ordinary and special occasions if one exercises a little more creativity.

7) Play with Colors

You may not share the same favorite colors, but encourage each other to experiment with vibrant and unexpected color combinations. Daughters can help moms discover the joys of a more colorful wardrobe, while moms can impart the ageless elegance of neutral color palettes to their daughters.

8) Build a Capsule Wardrobe

No matter how old you are, it’s good to learn how to keep a wardrobe lean and functional. Both moms and daughters can help each other declutter their closets and building capsule wardrobes. One may have surprising lessons to teach the other about versatile pieces that don’t go out of style.

9) Share Makeup Tips

Is it time for Mom to let go of ‘80s staples like blue eyeshadow? As her daughter, take the opportunity to share the latest makeup techniques, from contouring to bold lip colors, to give your mom the ultimate glow-up.

Mom, don’t hesitate to hold your own and teach your daughter how to put on the subtle, adaptable natural makeup looks that have served you over time. Experience will be the best teacher when you help your daughter prepare her makeup for a school dance or her first internship opportunity.

Fashion is always evolving, but some fundamentals stay the same. For both mother and daughter, it’s worth discovering what these are and how to put one’s own spin on them. Moms and daughters, be sure to cultivate your mutual interest in fashion, as it can help you bond, make awesome new memories, and clear new ground together!

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