9 Great, Independent Zero Waste Businesses in the UK


As you know I jointly own a zero waste shop which has always been my dream. We are an independent shop, but we are part of the UK’s independent zero waste shops family – and we support each other where we can. The movement has grown in the last couple of years, more people are aware of the plastic pollution than ever before which is great! I must also say, I also love the fact that big supermarket chains and big labels are also joining the zero waste movement – however it’s not always for the right reason. It’s often just capitalising on the trend or green washing their portfolio. Nevertheless, the direction seems to be set, which is great news for everyone.

It’s not THAT great news though for small and indy businesses though. Just like all small and independent businesses, zero waste shops have also suffered over the past few years due to the pandemic and other reasons as well. So it’s important that we support them – like I always encourage this, particularly with my Green and Ethical Picks of the Month posts. Supporting local and small businesses helps to create a more diverse, healthier and wealthier economy.

So with that in mind, I’d like to share some of the best zero waste businesses based in the UK. There is also a map available, that serves as a zero waste shop locator in the UK. It has been created by the owner of Planet B

If you are going away and want to find the most local zero waste store whilst on the road – check it out.

Sadly, we have recently seen many of our fellow zero waste shops closing down and this helps to raise awareness about these small, independent businesses that are doing great things for the planet and their communities.


9 Great, Independent Zero Waste Businesses in the UK

Lemon & Jinja – Southampton

Lemon & Jinja is a large zero waste shop based near Southampton – not only does it offer plastic free products, refillable foods and toiletries, it also has a zero waste and plant-based café and has become known for its delicious coffees.


Lemon and Jinja

Refill – East Suffolk

Refill is a small shop that packs a lot in! Focus is on reducing plastic and single use waste, and offering locally made products, whilst being affordable for all.
Refill in East Suffolk Zero Waste Businesses in the UK

All Good in the Hood – Monkseaton

Located in Monkseaton just a stones throw from sunny Whitley Bay. Refills, locally made produce, fresh eggs, milk and more!
All Good in the Hood

The Rolling Oats – North Buckinghamshire

The Rolling Oats is a mobile refill shop based in North Buckinghamshire – they pop up at markets in Bicester, Buckingham and Winslow as well as offering deliveries and popping up in villages.

The Refill Shop of Ikigai – St Ives

The Refill Shop of Ikigai in St Ives, Cambs. The only refill shop in town selling food stuff to reduce plastic and food waste. Also a great range of household liquids and plastic free alternatives for home and personal use. 
Ikigai Refill ShopEcoTopia – Leeds
EcoTopia is both an online store and a brick and mortar store based in Leeds city centre and in Bramley. E-bike delivery available for locals! Buy all your ethical and sustainable needs with us! Foods and non-foods all plastic free.
EcoTopia Zero Waste Businesses in the UK

EarthKind Rewind – Wirral and Cheshire

EarthKind Rewind is a delivery business and market stall, servicing across Wirral and Cheshire. Refill cleaning supplies and personal care are delivered in glass bottles as part of our closed loop system. Products are always plastic free, vegan, sustainably sourced and ethically made.

Just1Swap – Bournemouth

Dorsets largest zero waste shop, when you come for a holiday leave nothing but footprints. They are lpocated in the beautiful Bournemouth South coast.

Refillogic – Surbiton, South West London

And this is us!Our vision is to make zero waste and plastic free shopping the new norm. Making it accessible to everyone, we will also offer local home deliveries and and online shop apart from a physical shop. Our aim is to reduce waste and work mostly with UK based small producers, farms and makers. We believe supporting small and local businesses is important and everyone wins. We are working alongside local businesses to ensure our environmental impact (and therefore yours) stays as low as possible whilst simultaneously supporting other small businesses.


Refillogic Zero Waste Businesses in the UK

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