9 Reasons Why it Pays to Have a Solicitor on Hand

9 Reasons Why it Pays to Have a Solicitor on Hand

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From the moment we reach adulthood, there are times when having a solicitor is invaluable. More than just emergency legal aid services, having someone available for advice is invaluable – this blog explores nine examples where having a solicitor on call really pays off and ensures success for you and your situation.

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Business Contracts

As soon as you launch a business, it is imperative that legal agreements and protections are in place to safeguard its success. A solicitor can assist with creating any necessary contracts so that your interests are properly safeguarded while all parties involved understand their responsibilities and can plan ahead.

House Purchase

As part of the house purchase or sale process, having a solicitor on board is absolutely crucial to making sure everything runs smoothly. Your solicitor will check all documents for accuracy and explain what they mean as well as advise potential pitfalls or provide assistance during negotiations.

Tax Matters

Hiring someone knowledgeable in tax law to assist with managing your taxes each year is essential to making sure they’re done correctly. A qualified solicitor can offer guidance on issues like income, inheritance, capital gains and value added tax – while helping navigate complex regulations on behalf of their client and filing the necessary paperwork on their behalf.

Employer or Employee Concerns 

Engaging a solicitor as either an employer or employee can be beneficial when issues related to workplace disputes arise. Your solicitor can advise on issues like employment law, health and safety regulations, contract agreements and redundancy procedures as well as helping resolve other work-related matters like discrimination claims and wrongful dismissals cases.


Solicitors specialise in litigation processes and are an ideal choice when taking legal action against either individuals or businesses. A good litigator will look after every aspect of your case from paperwork preparation to court representation – as well as providing guidance during this difficult process.

Advice and Representation Services

Engaging a solicitor will help you understand what steps need to be taken, as well as ensure decisions are based on sound legal advice. They may even represent you in proceedings, to protect your best interests at all times. Whether its contract disputes or inheritance disputes, solicitors offer invaluable help with quickly and efficiently resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

Birth Injury Claims

If your baby was injured due to medical negligence at birth, a claim for damages can be submitted through a solicitor. These types of lawsuits can be complex as evidence may need to be collected to establish that a medical professional’s negligence caused this particular harm. For this type of case it is wise to seek specialist legal advice as you may be entitled to significant compensation for their suffering; a birth injury claims solicitor will take into consideration all aspects such as negligence claims such as delayed diagnosis or inadequate treatments in making their determinations.

Wills and Probate

After someone dies, their estate must be administered according to either intestacy rules or their Will. Solicitors specialise in this area and can ensure assets are distributed according to law as well as advice on taking steps to contest an invalid Will or one which does not represent the deceased’s wishes.

Immigration Law

If you are thinking about immigrating to the UK, consulting a solicitor will help you understand all your options and provide expert guidance throughout the process. They can advise on work permits, visa applications and any other way of remaining legally in the country.

Assisting those in need of legal advice or assistance is one of the greatest assets a solicitor can bring. They possess extensive knowledge, experience and can ensure your rights are upheld to achieve optimal results from any given situation – be it family law, immigration or business-related. When faced with complex laws or any type of situation requiring professional legal guidance don’t hesitate – reach out and get professional legal guidance now.

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