A Burn Victim’s Major Legal Concerns

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Burns are a horrific injury that can devastate people both physically and emotionally. It is even worse if it was something due to negligence on someone else’s part, whether at home or work. There has to be compensation for either the victim or the victim’s family if it was fatal.

man woman couple sad

Before hiring a burn injury lawyer, it’s good for people to know they need to concern themselves with:

Finding Who Is Liable

This is a tricky part, since it can be difficult who was responsible for the burn in the first place. Was it the company who set up the hazardous work environment, was it the company who made the product that wound up causing the burn, or was it a co-worker who may have set things up incorrectly and thus set the stage for the incident? It’s important to narrow that down correctly since the whole case can hinge on that.

Determining the Cost of the Burns

When it comes to figuring this out, there are some questions that need to be asked:

  • Were there complications from the burns, like an infection?
  • Was there scarring that necessitated more work?
  • Did the victim have fragile skin?
  • Did the victim need psychological counselling?

All of those things can result in medical bills that wind up in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which can be an onerous burden.

Determining Damages

This incorporates many of the above things in a more crystallised way:

  • Medial Damages – How much did the victim or the victim’s family have to pay?
  • Lost Wages – Was the victim out of work a long time? What about future wages?
  • Psychological Care – Did they need to see a psychologist for the mental trauma?
  • Lost Companionship – Did the accident wind up fatal and a spouse lost their loved one?

Getting burned is an extremely traumatic experience for the victim and their family, and then having to revisit the whole thing in a courtroom can also be very psychologically trying. It’s important to them to have a stable support network of family and friends to get through it. They also want to get an excellent lawyer since going through that whole ordeal and then leaving with nothing is a horrible feeling.

It’s important to get some sense of closure after a burn incident, and getting compensation can help get people there. Then they can focus on rebuilding their own lives and looking to the future.

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