A Simple Guide on How To Choose the Right Shoes

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Wearing the perfect shoes, especially heels, makes you feel sexy and confident, but it can go south if you buy the wrong pair. Many women find it tasking to go shopping because there are several factors to consider first.

Below is a simple guide on how to choose the right shoes.

leg shoes

Foot Type

Your foot type is the most critical aspect to look at when buying heels for women since each pair’s design is a unique construction. If you have flat feet, you should consider shoes with arch support and a wide toe box, preferably low-mid heels.

In contrast, women with high arches need shoes that curve in the heels, while those with bunions require heels with rounded or wide toe boxes. Lastly, if you have thin heels, the best shoe version should have ankle straps.

Heel Shape

Another essential consideration is the heel shape because it changes how the shoes look and how you feel in them. While women used to wearing heels opt for thin-heeled stilettos, beginners find block heels more comfortable.

The former is perfect for a date or a fashion event, while the pumps are the go-to for formal settings. There are also straight and curved heel options perfect for various needs.

Heel Height

When buying heels for women, the first question is, how high can you go? If you have been wearing heels for years, you must be comfortable in whichever length.

However, it gets trickier if you are a first-timer because you must consider options that won’t be strenuous to wear. You can start with three and 4-inch heels as you work up to high stilettos.

Otherwise, going for extreme heels can be painful, and it will show. You can also stumble and fall, and the discomfort will distract you the whole time.


Personal style is the ultimate reason behind choosing the shoes to buy. It must match your personality and blend well with whatever you are wearing. If you like comfortable boots for active lifestyle, like the ones you can get from LA Police Gear, then wear those – that’s part of your personal style. It makes you unique. They also go pretty cool with a lot of outfits.

It is also best to consider where you are going, the dress code of the event, and generally the impression you need to make. Additionally, it is more cost-effective to buy shoes you can wear for other occasions in the future.

Otherwise, you will keep buying more pairs only to wear them once. Lastly, train yourself how to walk in heels to improve your gait and seem more confident.


A stunning shoe is not enough reason for you to buy it. It is also best to consider whether it matches your foot type, how comfortable the heel is, and how well it fits your style.

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