A Smooth Transition: Relocating Abroad With Your Family


A new year often brings new opportunities and the chance for a fresh start; even an adventure for you and your family. If your 2018 holds fresh career opportunities for you or your partner, which mean relocating with your family for a while; it could be your most exciting year yet! In the past decade; various countries in the southern hemisphere have seen extensive growth and expansion with industry and business, making them a popular destination for many international companies to set-up shop. Offices and places of work for companies are being built and taken over everywhere, particularly in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America on a regular basis. Therefore, many employees now have the option to work and live in a totally new climate, and take their family on an adventure of a lifetime. With plenty of expats and English speakers from the UK, US, and Europe; an array of countries south of the equator can provide a home away from home, as well as offering an array of exciting cultural differences.

If you and your family are planning to immigrate anywhere; you’ll need to put some hard work and effort into the planning process so that the move can go as smoothly as possible. You’ll want you family to feel settled in a new city, suburb, or village and as at home as possible, and enjoy the time that you have over there together. Therefore, now is the time to utilise that notebook and pen that you got for Christmas, and begin writing down all the essentials that will need to be put in place before you land. First of all, you will need to carry out a detailed investigation related to documentation and visa processes which will differ from country to country. In case you want to move to Canada, you may consider spousal immigration in Canada, which will give you the opportunity of moving there if your husband or wife is already a Canadian citizen. Going over to many countries just on a tourist visa and finding work is challenging; however, if you or your other half are being sent over with a company, or there is a job waiting for you at the other end; the new abode will soon begin to feel like home, and you can start making some of your most exciting memories together. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those in the early stages of planning their long-term stay in abroad so that they arrive feeling prepared and ready to make the most of the country.

Making It Feel Like Home

Sorting out your family’s accommodation before you get there is an essential part of a smooth move and transition into a new country. Some companies will include accommodation within their transfer program, and, if this is the case; you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to live. As a thriving and ever-expanding city into the surrounding areas; you should have no trouble finding a home near your new place of work and residence. You’ll be heading towards a new job and life somewhere that’s catering for it’s growth and expansion in industry and business, so a place for your family to settle in will be there. However, it’s worth doing your research, and looking into the various areas so that you’re not overcharged for rent, and you’ll have plenty of amenities nearby for your family to utilise. You’ll want to make sure that you’re near public transport so that getting to and from work is straightforward and so you can navigate your new surroundings successfully. If your children are of nursery or school age; you’ll need to factor in the location of where you’ll need to drop them off each day. A short car or bus journey or even walking distance will be perfect for you and your kids, as you’ll feel that life is that bit easier as you begin to settle in and relax in your new routine and way of life over there. Look into long-term rental options, and check out some expat advice on the internet for where the best places to live are, with a focus on a family lifestyle and having all you need nearby.

If you get to the new country and fall in love; your adventure could become even longer-term than expected, especially if the work and life balance are going well. Therefore, you might want to consider the properties that are available to you. If you’ve got to know particular areas and feel that they are only going to increase in popularity in the coming years; head over and check out a new condo launch in the area so that you can better evaluate your options. A family home will be somewhere that you can make your own, and really make yourself, partner, and kids feel like your new location is the best place to live at the time. Buying property abroad, especially in popular and expanding areas, will allow you to rent it out when or if you do decide to leave; ensuring that you’re making a long-term investment that you will only be rewarded by. With more and more expats heading over to live and work in the southern hemisphere; property investment is a smart choice for anyone, and you’ll have the knowledge from living there already to make a smart decision regarding where and what you buy.

Bear in mind that if you’re heading towards any capital, or busy cities; the cost of accommodation and living will be higher than if you move further out into the suburbs, much like most cities in the world. Therefore, do your research into the surrounding areas that will offer you the best transport links and make sure that you’re not stuck in the middle of nowhere. Visiting your local supermarkets, cafes, and shops will allow you to get your bearings, and will encourage you to meet and speak to people. Try to befriend those in a similar situation before you arrive through the internet, and you’ll have a companion to get advice from and ask questions; meeting up for a coffee with a fellow expat with kids will immediately make you feel more settled, so be sure to make an effort.

Getting Used To A New Way Of Life

Although wherever you’re moving to will be full of people in similar situations to yourself, and there will also be plenty of familiar influences so that things won’t feel too different; there are obviously going to be a variety of things you’ll need to get used to and adapt for. The weather is likely to be different to the UK, so you’ll need to figure out what clothing to take and how it may affect you throughout the day. Try to get in the habit of constantly drinking water so that by the time you arrive; it’s second nature. There might also be a lot of humidity and plenty of rainfall, so pack a brolly, and prepare to be hot for the majority of your stay. Walking around at certain times of the day is just not feasible, especially with children in hot conditions so you’ll need to get into your swing of things and develop your own pace.

A plus point to moving to areas that are heavily populated by expats  is that you won’t have to learn a new language; everyone, including the locals, are likely to speak English, so you can get there and ask for directions and all the other questions without hesitation. You’ll find a mixture of big chain restaurants and eateries, and plenty of local cuisine too, so you won’t go hungry while your there. It’s worth checking out some of the popular markets and grabbing yourself the fresh produce that’s on offer; you’ll be able to cook some of the local recipes, and you can create and fine-tune your speciality dish! Work out if eeding yourself and your family will cost a similar amount to living in the UK; and try to look for more affordable local takeaways and eateries, but make sure you visit them on recommendations.

You’re going to face an array of challenges and it will take time to adjust to your new life iabroad. However, if you put the groundwork in now and plan as much as possible; you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime with those you love the most!

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