An Affordable Holiday With The Kids? That’s Child’s Play!

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Every family wants the same thing: an incredible holiday together. And, while you can pick out the destination and plan the small details, there’s still a hitch. Nine times out of ten, it’s the cost because there are four or five people to pay for at a couple of hundred pounds each. Wow, that’s a lot of cash to splash on a fortnight in Spain.

Finding and planning a cheap and amazing holiday with the kids can be overwhelming. Often, it takes a lifetime to find a deal that is semi-plausible and it’s infuriating. Plus, the pressure of the yearly trip abroad is squarely on your shoulders and that’s stressful. Good job that you’re a parent, and not a travel agent!

Thankfully, mums and dads are resourceful and know the tricks of the trade which is why you always pull through for your family. And, if you’re struggling and need inspiration, fear not because you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down to learn about the simple yet effective ways to find an affordable family holiday.

An Affordable Holiday With The Kids? That’s Child’s Play!

Use Discount Codes

In the good old days, families used to rifle through newspapers and cut out the voucher codes. Nowadays, dead trees are a thing of the past and nobody uses them as practically as before, but discounts are by no means dead. They still exist; they are in just in different places.

Websites tend to have the best offers for families with wanderlust. With a glance at Net Voucher Codes, you’ll find hundreds of potential promotions. And, all of them are designed to save people money on flights, hotels and package deals. This is by no means the only one either, so be sure to check out as many as possible and keep your eyes peeled for the best discounts.

Also, don’t let the stigma of coupons get in the way of bagging a bargain. Every little does help, especially when it’s £75 off per person.

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Travel Out Of Season

On average, a typical family saves 40% on the cost of a holiday when they travel out of season. Not only that, but experts say there is extra flexibility. Local vendors, for example, are likely to accept request they would not usually when the demand is high. So, you can cut the costs and add extra activities to the bucket list.

It seems like a no-brainer, yet there is a problem: your kid’s school. Laws are restrictive now and it’s risky to take children out of class without authorisation. Instead of fighting the rules, consider taking the diplomatic approach. Speaking to the headmaster before booking the holiday and explaining the situation often works. As long as it isn’t an important part of the term, there should be a compromise.

Sometimes, taking a day or two off before the school holidays is worth it because the flights are as cheap as chips.

Consider A Staycation

Sure, the thought of an exotic fortnight in the sun is all you’ve been thinking about but it’s expensive. Plus, there is the political factor to consider too. Getting the time off work and pulling the kids out of school is never a walk in the park. A staycation is a middle ground.

For the most part, there is no need to take a chunk of time off work or school. Lots of families use the weekends twinned with bank holidays to stretch out their trip. Easter is an excellent example. Even if you have to book during the peak season, it’s cheaper than flying to Europe as there are fewer expenses. A staycation is one of the only times petrol seems reasonable when you compare it to flying.

Don’t forget there are tonnes of destination to check out in the UK that are as breathtaking as the continent.

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Wake Up Early

Why does this matter? The reasoning isn’t foolproof yet, but the fact is that flights are cheaper during certain times of the day. Rather than bothering to understand why adults need to set their alarm and get up at the crack of dawn.

According to Kayak, you can save up to 40% by booking flights at 4 am. Later in the day, prices skyrocket back to their normal value. During Easter, their experts reckon 11 am is the peak time to bag a bargain. Coupled with travelling out of season, you’re looking at savings of up to 80% depending on the package.

There aren’t many things worth waking at 4 am for, but you’ve got to agree that this is one of them!

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